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The Threat to Every Nation: The Global Deep State 

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The terms ‘toolkit’ gang, George Soros‘ lackeys, and Rothschild banking lobby are almost synonymous in the current geopolitical era. These terms unite under the ‘Global Deep State’. This is a shadow network of government officials, politicians, and powerful conglomerates that work behind the scenes globally. They aim to derail any scheme or government that stands in the way of their profits. They are a giant hub of interconnected networks that works behind the scenes to control world events and their outcomes. Events like ‘The Arab Spring’, ‘Syrian Civil War’, ‘French Riots’, ‘CAA protests’, ‘COVID-19 Pandemic’, and ‘Farmers’ Protest’ have the unique fingerprint of the global deep state. 

What is the ‘Global Deep State’?

The Global Deep State is a cabal of wealthy and powerful individuals who are working to advance their interests at the expense of the rest of the world. This group comprises members like BlackRock Inc., Goldman Sachs Group Inc., and other elite organizations. These power brokers are the mover and shakers of the geopolitical world.

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Their mega-corporate machinery has numerous associated companies that control the global markets; both in terms of supply as well as demand. They manipulate the world using secret societies, NGOs, political parties, and ‘toolkit’ media. They have existed for several centuries. The ‘Global Village’ concept, the ‘One Europe’ concept, and ‘The World without Borders’ are their pet schemes to manipulate humans and nations into being their lackeys.

International Examples of Activated Deep State

The Arab Spring
Arab Spring 2.0 - Protests in Algeria and Sudan | Current Affairs
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The US Deep State orchestrated the ‘Arab Spring‘. They choreographed a series of revolutions that swept through the Middle East and North Africa in 2011. Their lackey was Barack Obama, who single-handedly dropped more bombs than any war during his tenures as President of the USA. They aimed to destabilize the region to promote their interests in crude oil and natural resources.

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The Syrian Civil War

Syria’s Arab Spring resulted in a Civil War. The unrest continues to date. The impact of the civil war over the last decade has destroyed its economy and infrastructure. The US deep state continues its presence in the nation despite objections from the government. The official cause is to stop ISIS. However, the real underlying cause is to help Israel maintain dominance over the Islamic nations. 

The Ukraine-Russia War
World War I: Summary, Causes & Facts | HISTORY

The support of Russia to the Assad-regime angered the deep state. The resultant situation in Ukraine is due to their pushback against the Russian government. The governments that are supplying help to Ukraine are complicitly controlled by the Global Deep State. The Woke Zelensky government has been caught mishandling resources and funds. However, it continues to get support from the NATO nations to fight Russia. The media coverage of the war is also tilted in favor of Ukraine by the ‘toolkit’ gang.

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The COVID-19 Pandemic

The decline in Europe and the US economy needed a boost. At the same time, the Chinese were allegedly experimenting with bio-weapons. The deep state activated its reach into China to spread the virus in Wuhan. While the Chinese are not blameless for COVID-19, the world must acknowledge that the COVID-19 pandemic helped the Global Deep State regain power in the US and other countries where nationalistic governments were in place. It also helped aligned conglomerates line their pockets. Most governments were given a helping hand via the IMF on conditions of 2-months of complete lockdowns. Several demands of the deep state through the UNO on this global health scare effectively pushed back the recession for a couple of years. 

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Those with long memories will remember some members of the Indian politics that promoted Pfizer vaccines over India-made vaccines. They will also recognize the pattern employed to defame the Indian government’s approach to the pandemic. However, currently the Pfizer vaccinations are proved to be ineffective and of having side-effects. Contrarily, no such news on India’s vaccinations is dominating the global health industry.

The question arises, is the current state of riots and violence a form of pushback against the Indian government for sticking to its guns and not lining the pockets of the deep state conglomerates.   

India’s Fight Against The Deep State

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The nationalistic government of India is out of favor with the deep state. The recurrent protests, riots, and violence are their convenient tools to fight back against the Modi government. Their hub of networks is currently activated against the Indian government. 

Farmers’ Protest

The farmer’s protests are a good example of their activated machinery. The protestors were paid to riot and stall the government. They ensured that large conglomerates would continue to exploit the Indian market without restrictions. The media reports on anti-India chants, pro-Pakistan chants, and other such agendas were suppressed; and only ‘toolkit’ media versions were promoted in India and abroad.  

CAA Protest

Another example is the CAA protests. The CAA was projected as anti-Muslim policy. Protestors once again rocked the Indian democracy with anti-India chants. Once the funding dried out, the protesters went back to their humdrum lives. The need behind such a law was never examined by the ‘toolkit’. The job of this fake protest was to defame the BJP government.

Sponsored Defaming of India
Destroying or Deploying the "Deep State" (Democracy 20/20) - Cornell
PC Cornell University

The explosive interviews of Indians abroad are also sponsored by the deep state. Politicians, analysts, media persons, etc. effectively paint India in dire straits. Thereafter, they present PM Modi as an anti-progress, radical Hindu element. They also represent Muslims as an oppressed section of India. The Pew Research Center’s survey shows that more than 82% of Muslims agree that they are not restricted in India to follow their religious practices. However, these statistics are ignored or sidelined by these mouthpieces of the deep state.

The sponsored protests and riots are aimed to change the political landscape of India. Thus, Indians must try to identify the real motivation of individuals who defame their own country abroad. Moreover, they must deeply examine the true state of affairs by sieving through the news that is projected at them. The truth is out there, only if Indians want to know about it.


The existence of a global deep state threatens the entire world. They defy the will of the people to control global economies to their benefit. Nuclear powers like India, USA, Pakistan, and France repeatedly suffer under the pressure of this giant network. They effectively use the media and the internet to spread misinformation and control public opinion. 

However, the Internet era has its advantages for the common people. If one desires, one will be able to root out the fake news from the real agenda. Moreover, the common Indian should be able to recognize the work on the ground and respect generated at global platforms. The rise of India is a complexity for the deep state. The current Indian government does not obey its sanctions, does not bow down to pressure, and does not care for their profit mongering of Indian resources. This puts the Indian government in the bullseye of the global deep state. Thus, Indians should ‘Beware and Be Wise’ when they analyze the true conspirators and beneficiaries in any conflict within Indian territories.

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