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Kafirs Attacked In The UK: Hatecrimes On A Rise Against Hindus

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In a disturbing series of events, an Indian Hindu family in the West Midlands county of England has faced multiple attacks by extremists since July of this year. Despite reporting five instances of harassment to the local police, the victims find themselves living in fear. The authorities refuse to categorize the incidents as ‘hate crimes.’

The Victims’ Ordeal

The targeted family consists of Ramana Nagumalli, his wife Radhika Kulkarni and their 8-year-old daughter. The harassment began in July when the family was surrounded by a hostile mob outside a local leisure center. The situation escalated recently when the same individuals came to their house, kicking the front door and using derogatory terms like ‘Kafirs’.

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UK: Extremists attack Indian Hindu in West Midlands, cops refuse to treat it as hate crime
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Radhika Kulkarni expressed the emotional toll the attacks have taken on their lives. The family is now afraid to leave their home, experiencing nightmares and panic attacks.

Police Response Raises Concerns

Despite the family’s pleas for justice, the West Midlands police have been reluctant to classify the attacks as hate crimes. In response to the victims’ complaints, the police claimed there was insufficient evidence to treat the incidents as ‘racially aggravated offences.’

The police acknowledged that the accused individuals confessed to harassing the family. They opted for a ‘community resolution’ due to the young age of the offenders and their history of non-offending.

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The family contends that labeling the incidents as hate crimes is crucial to prevent others from enduring a similar ordeal. The police’s decision not to pursue hate crime charges raises questions about the adequacy of current legal frameworks. It is imperative in addressing such cases and protecting vulnerable communities.

Alarming Rise in Hate Crimes

The case of this Indian Hindu family is not isolated, reflecting a broader issue of increasing hate crimes in the West Midlands. Hate crimes in the area have surged by 251% from 2531 in 2011-2012 to 8897 in 2022-2023.

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Discrimination in Education

Hindu students are reportedly subjected to bullying and racial discrimination in classrooms. They are bullied by their Muslim classmates and pressured to convert to Islam.

The study found that 51% of surveyed Hindu parents reported their children experiencing anti-Hindu hate in schools. Less than 1% of schools reported related incidents in the last five years. Physical assaults, mocking of vegetarianism, and belittlement of Hindu deities were among the documented incidents, emphasizing the need for comprehensive measures to address discrimination within the education system.

The plight of the Indian Hindu family and the broader trend of rising hate crimes in the West Midlands call for immediate attention and action. The reluctance of authorities to categorize such incidents as hate crimes raises concerns about the effectiveness of existing legal frameworks.

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