Thursday, July 25, 2024

Italy Is Under Siege By Islamists

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Italy is under siege by Islamists, looks like Europe has not learnt the lesson of the dangers posed by unrestricted immigration

It looks like Europe is not really concerned about the safety of women.

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If they were concerned about the safety of women, they would not have allowed the unrestricted flow of immigrants.

Further, Europe clearly has shown that it will continue with its ostrich like attitude to the Islamist threat that is ravaging the continent from within.

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But what is more baffling is that the governments of Europe seemed to have turned a deaf ear to the mortal threat that migrants from the M-community pose to Europe.

A Shocking Incident

In a shocking incident, an Italian woman Martina is weeping and narrating her ordeal on social media.

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She is seen stating how while she was walking on a road in Milan two Arab immigrants attempted to rape and rob her.

The woman is visibly terrified of the incident.

Psychologists argue that in extreme cases, a trauma can alter the life of a person with many people afflicting the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD).

But this incident is not new, scores of cases have emerged across Europe where women have been raped and murdered by Muslim immigrants.

In most of the cases, the law seems to have adopted a rather strange turn-the life of the victim doesn’t matter, what matters is preserving diversity.

The Multiculturalism Trap

The situation in Europe is of their own making. The left-liberal brigade in those countries promote the idea of multicultaralism.

But does multiculturalism really matter to the Islamists?

No, it doesn’t, these immigrants from Islamic countries take advantage of this illusory idea of multiculturalism to spread their vitriolic propaganda.

There is little doubt that Italy is under siege by Islamists, the more delay the Italians and other European governments take in recognizing the threat posed by M-immigration, the more they will suffer.

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