Thursday, July 18, 2024

Harvard University’s Love For Islamists Stands Exposed

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Notwithstandig its reputation as one of the world’s preeminent educational institution, Harvard University ‘s love for Islamists stands exposed via this incident

It is said that education leads not only to the enlightenment of the mind, but also soul.

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But to be brutally honest, I never knew that education encourages wokeness and love for terrorists.

That exactly seems to be the case for Harvard University.

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USA which is known for its power packed educational institutions of late has demonstrated their wokeness and love for the Muslim community openly.

While this considered as a clandestine secret, yet the cat is finally out of the bag.

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Harvard University’s Love for Hamas

Harvard University has been at the receiving end of global scholars and political leaders.

The cause-the university initially refused to condemn the Hamas terror attack on Israel & their half-hearted response to this egregious incident.

Although Harvard was ultimately forced to ‘condemn’ the incident, yet the nature & the intensity of the condemnation was questionable to say the least.

This clearly shows the Western elites’ bromance with Hamas and other Islamist terrorists.

For Harvard university, what happens in Israel to Jews and Hindus in Pakistan and other parts of the world don’t matter.

Calling this out will cause others to label this university as “Islamophobic”.

The Backlash

The incident has triggered massive backlash against the premier educational institution.

The Wexner foundation, one of the world’s biggest humanitarian foundations have severed links with Harvard University and Harvard Kennedy School after 34 years.

This comes close on the heels of a lot of other powerful donors calling out the hypocrisy of the university and initiating such similar measures.

What does it Show?

The reluctance of Harvard University in condemning the dastardly terror attack of Hamas and similar refusal to condole the loss of Israeli lives shows the wokeness of western institutions.

But they seem to be forgetting that it is because of this liberal wokeness that the West is burning.

Hence Harvard University’s love for Islamists stands exposed and further punitive measures need to be taken, even by the donors from Bharat.


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