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Britishers Becoming a Minority in Leicester-UK on The Verge of Becoming A Shariah State

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Karma strikes back strangely. It’s time for the West to pay for what it did to other nations, and it deserves it. The hypocritical behavior of the UK and other nations has led to the spread of the inherent disease of wokeness and false secularism. As a result, the British are becoming a minority in their own country; Leicester has become a major place of Islamic dominance.

Islamic Atrocities On The Rise

Atrocities against Hindus in Leicester a few months ago were just a preview of what lies ahead for ignorant Brits. However, it is undoubtedly an invitation to trouble that the British have gotten themselves into. They have crumbled internally under the facade of being sympathetic and open to refugees, especially Muslim immigrants. Ignorant and snobbish Britishers refuse to acknowledge this reality that is scary. Various cities like Birmingham, Leicester, etc. have been plagued by rising crime rates, leading to a Sharia-type order that targets women and children disproportionately.

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Inequality, brutality, and violence are at the core of the conflict between both Abrahamic religions. The sympathy Christians harbor for Islamists based on religious similarities is based on hatred for Hindus. During the Leicester riots, the British showed their complicity with Muslims by harboring ignorance against Hindus.

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As per RAIR, Islam has quickly advanced on the religious scene. In the census of 2011, there were 2.7 million Muslims (4.9% of the population). In the 2021 census, there were 3.9 million Muslims (6.5%): an increase of 44% in just 10 years.

Nearly 10 years ago, the Daily Mail newspaper published an article about a church and a mosque a few meters from each other in the heart of London. At St George’s Church on Cannon Street Road there were no more than 12 people to celebrate mass. When the church was built in the 19th century it was designed to accommodate 1,230 worshippers. The numbers were similar in St Mary’s Church in Cable Street, which opened in October 1849. Built to seat 1,000 people, there were no more than 20 worshippers there. While the two churches were empty, the mosque in Brune Street Estate had a different problem:

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“The mosque itself is little more than a small room rented in a community centre, and it can hold only 100.

“However, on Fridays, those numbers swell to three to four times the room’s capacity, so the worshippers spill out onto the street, where they take up around the same amount of space as the size of the near-empty St Mary’s down the road.”

Christianity is becoming a religion of the past; Islam appears that of the future. In 2015, the Spectator featured on its cover “The Last Christian”, in which an elderly lady was the only worshipper in a cathedral. The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, warned that Christianity “is a generation away from extinction”.

The UK, over which the late Queen Elizabeth reigned for decades, has gone with her.

We now face the aging and self-destruction of the Christian populations of Enlightenment and their religious and cultural traditions; the exponential growth of Islam; the elites celebrating multiculturalism rather than working for the integration of minorities, and overturned demographics. What could possibly go wrong?

And now let us imagine these cities in 10, 20, 30 years. The Muslim total population in Britain is estimated to be 13 million by 2050According to Ed Husain, one of the leading Muslim intellectuals in the United Kingdom:

“With almost five million Muslims, there are thousands of new buildings with domes and minarets and in the decades ahead, mosques are predicted to mushroom across the whole land.”

Nothing to worry about. Half of the mosques in the UK are affiliated with the Deobandi movement, adhering to the same Hanafi school of law that created the Taliban in Afghanistan.


There is no escaping the Islamization of the UK and gradually Europe, but these entitled Britishers are oblivious to it. A lecture on religious equality has been reserved for India, where Hindus are oppressed and tortured by intolerant Muslims.  With Islamists gaining majority status and the British becoming minorities in their own country, the threat of their existential crisis is growing. By creating a rift in the peaceful society, Britishers tortured and harassed Hindus, and now it is coming back to bite them in the face. The world made a spectacle out of the torture Hindus endured, and this won’t last. The USA needs to learn its lesson too since it suffers from the same disease of hypocritical wokeness. The British are on the verge of becoming another Pakistan, and that’s an inescapable fact.




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