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Abrahamic Racism And Its Impact On The Treatment Of Hindus: A Case Study Of Canada And The UK

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(Inputs taken from the information by Twitter account @total_woke_)

Accusations against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for fostering hate against Hindus and India have gained traction. These allegations stem from the perception that Canada, a leftist country, has provided sanctuary to Hindu killers for many years. Trudeau, often likened to Rahul Gandhi from India, is seen as perpetuating his family’s Nehruvian legacy.

The Khalistan Problem

The issue of Khalistan represents a symptom of a more profound problem rooted in the deeply ingrained racism against Hindus prevalent in so-called liberal countries like Canada, the United Kingdom (UK), and the United States (US).

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This bias against Hindus is believed to have originated during the era of white imperialism in India, driven by the need to dehumanize Hindus to justify their subjugation. The tragic Kanishka (Air India Flight 182) bombing in June 1985 serves as a poignant example. This act of aviation terrorism claimed 329 lives, including those of Canadian, British, and Indian citizens, ranking among the worst atrocities of its kind.

Canadian authorities were aware of the plot and had conducted years of surveillance on the main conspirators. They possessed recorded evidence of confessions and conspiracies.

However, they failed to take preventive action or bring the terrorists to justice. The Canadian spy agency accidentally deleted the tapes, erasing crucial evidence. Strikingly, despite being Canada’s most significant terrorism attack, no direct charges were filed for 15 years. Ultimately, only one individual, Inderjit Singh Reyat, received a 5-year jail sentence and has since been released.

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Canada’s Treatment Of Minorities

This incident highlights a glaring disparity in how Canada addresses issues related to minorities. While the country may demonstrate concern and take action in other cases, it seemingly dismissed the Kanishka bombing, which primarily targeted Hindus. The prejudice against Hindus is believed to have its origins in the colonial past influenced by Abrahamic religions. To perpetuate their subjugation, dehumanizing Hindus became necessary. As long as this underlying issue remains unaddressed, the perpetrators continue to evade consequences.

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Understanding this context helps illuminate why Khalistani extremists are allowed to mistreat Hindus in countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, and the US. It also sheds light on the recurring attacks on Indian consulates. While Khalistanis face condemnation for their actions, they are viewed as a product of Abrahamic racism. Their existence can be attributed to the deliberate distortion of Sikh history under Abrahamic influences, which persists in their host countries. Despite employing racist rhetoric, it is believed to originate from their Abrahamic influences.

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