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AajTak Conspires to Malign Hindu Pujari Instead of the Ghanaian Padri!

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AajTak found itself embroiled in controversy over a headline regarding a marriage between a 63-year-old Ghanaian priest and a 12-year-old girl in Ghana. The choice of words in the headline lead to widespread misunderstanding and outrage among readers. The use of “Pujari” instead of “Padri/Priest,” inadvertently suggested a Hindu context!

AajTak Fumbles Purposely

The misrepresentation sparked immediate backlash online, with numerous netizens condemning AajTak. It inaccurately portrayed of the groom as a Hindu saint or priest and for implying that the incident took place in India. Many pointed out that the groom was, in fact, a traditional Ghanaian priest.

AajTak Responds

In response to the uproar, AajTak modified the headline, replacing “pujari” with “padri.” However, despite this amendment, the related social media post still retained the original terminology. It drew further criticism from users who demanded an apology from the news outlet and the removal of the misleading post.

Netizens expressed frustration, accusing AajTak of spreading fake news and defaming Hindus to generate online engagement. Their sentiment reflects the broader concern that such misreporting not only perpetuates stereotypes but also undermines the credibility of media organizations.

The Incident

The incident in question involved a 63-year-old priest named Nuumo Borketey Laweh Tsuru XXXIII from Ghana, who married a 12-year-old girl in a customary wedding ceremony in Nungua, Krowor. While the marriage ceremony adhered to local customs, it sparked outrage among global audiences questioning the ethical implications of such unions. It is particularly concerning in terms of child marriage and the exploitation of minors.

Critics of the marriage argue that it perpetuates harmful practices and violates fundamental human rights. The reported rituals, such as urging the young girl to enhance her “sex appeal” with perfume, raise concerns about the objectification and exploitation of vulnerable individuals.

However, defenders of the marriage cite cultural relativism, emphasizing the importance of understanding and respecting diverse customs and traditions. They argue that outsiders lack the necessary context to pass judgment on practices that hold significance within specific cultural frameworks.

Nevertheless, the controversy surrounding AajTak’s headline underscores the importance of responsible journalism and accurate reporting, especially when addressing sensitive and complex issues. Misrepresenting facts not only fuels misunderstanding but also hatred for a particular religion – Hinduism.

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