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PM Modi’s Round Table Meet With Gamers!

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Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, met with some of the most popular gamers of the country at his residence. Some of the gamers who met PM Modi are Animesh Agrawal, Naman Mathur, Mithilesh Patankar, Payal Dhare, Tirth Mehta, Ganesh Gangadhar, and Anshu Bisht.

Currently, the Indian gaming industry consists of an audience ranging between 450 to 550 million players. In order to understand about the future of the country’s gaming industry and the difficulties it faces. Prime Minister Modi had a free flowing conversation with them. He even tried his hand at several of the games and asked the players some really thought-provoking questions.

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Prime Minister Modi talked about the distinctions between gaming and gambling as he was talking with prominent Indian gamers. Additionally, he requested that players email his office a list of all their issues along with specific points of concerns.

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When the gamers asked a question regarding the possibility of a gaming regulatory body. Prime Minister Modi stated, “To regulate would not be ideal because it is the nature of government to intervene, that is its fundamental nature. Either impose restrictions under the law or try to understand and mould it basis our country’s needs. Bring it under an organised, legal structure and uplift the reputation. Once that is achieved, it will be hard for anyone to bring it down. My endeavour is to uplift the nation to a level that by 2047, the middle class does not require unnecessary government intervention. Otherwise, we will remain trapped in the cycle of paperwork, documents and legal systems. It is the poor who need the government.”

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Prime Minister Modi also discussed the opportunities for women in the industry and was also seen playing VR and mobile phone games with them.

Gamers Responses-

Payal Dhare, took to Instagram and posted, “An honor to be the only female gamer at the table, discussing the future of e-sports, gaming and content creation with PM Narendra Modi. Thank you for recognizing our voices and paving the way for inclusivity in this industry. Dreams turned into reality today!”

Agarwal and Patankar posted, “We recently had an insightful discussion with the Prime Minister about the e-sports industry. His vision is set to revolutionise gaming in India.”

The gamers said that they didn’t feel an age gap while interacting with PM Modi, the latter also quipped, “I colour my hair white so that people know I am mature.”

Animesh Agrawal posted on Instagram, “We recently had an insightful discussion with the Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi about the e-sports industry. His vision is set to revolutionise gaming in India! A detailed video is on its way, so stay tuned for an exclusive into this game-changing conversation. Get ready to be amazed!”

Overall, Prime Minister Modi’s interaction with the gaming community reflects the governments recognition and intent to support the industry. According to Invest India, the online gaming industry is the fourth largest sector in the country. It is also the one with maximum growth potential.

By engaging with the gaming community, PM Modi is not only reaching out to Youth but is also reaffirming his commitment to maximising their involvement in the development of the country. This engagement has also got gaming companies excited, as they believe that this meet would further help increase the industry’s penetration in the country.

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