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Modi’s Moscow Move – A Humanitarian Burnol Moment

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On 4th July 2024, PM Modi met Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. And the first thing he did was raise critical issues concerning the safety of Indian citizens working in the Russian Army.

While the 2-day meeting will focus on increasing bilateral relationships, the first order of business for PM Modi was requesting intervention to safeguard Indian citizens. Let’s discuss how this Burnol Moment debunks the opposition’s claims that BJP’s sole focus is never humanitarian interests!

Indian Go To War For Moscow?

Many Indians were lured to Russia with promises of education or lucrative jobs during the past year.

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However, they were not there willingly to fight Moscow’s war. In fact, they were duped into conscripting for the Russian Army amidst the Russia-Ukraine conflict. A prominent story Mohammed Asfan from Hyderabad emerges as one such case. He was misled by recruiters and forced into combat roles in the war-ridden Russia.

Asfan believed he was securing a steady job in Moscow. He even paid a hefty fee of $5,700 to the recruiter to process his application. Unfortunately, he ended up on the front lines against Ukraine with a mere 15-day training. Tragically, he was injured in January and reported killed-in-action in March 2024.

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Soon, reports from other parts of the nation were notified to EAM S. Jaishankar. Kerala was an epicenter of such fraudulent recruitment into Russian mercenary forces. In April 2024, Minister Jaishankar promised to ensure the safe return of all those defrauded into joining the war. Reports show that at least four Indian nationals have been killed in the conflict so far. Thus, the first order of business for PM Modi’s meeting with Putin was to address these tragic details. Thereby, highlighting Bharat’s aim to facilitate the return of Indians trapped in such dire conditions!

PM Modi’s Bold Stand For Bharat At Moscow

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During the private dinner at President Putin’s dacha, PM Modi discussed the Russia-Ukraine situation. Here, PM Modi emphasized the plight of Indian nationals forcefully or fraudulently conscripted into the Russian mercenary forces. Thereafter, PM Modi asked President Putin to discharge and repatriate these individuals. He also highlighted the humanitarian crisis of fraudulent human trafficking in the name of jobs.

The leaders discussed how many Indians were made to join the Russian army without informed consent. Under the guise of jobs in Moscow, Germany, or Italy; recruiters were taking processing charges to trap naive young men from Bharat. Thus, in a bold stand for the people of Bharat, PM Modi made a direct appeal to Putin in Moscow. Thereby, demonstrating his commitment to addressing the humanitarian needs of Bharat and countering the opposition’s narrative. Is it any surpirse that Moscow honors Modi with the Order of St.Andrew!

Opposition’s Myopia = A Humanitarian Burnol Moment

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Opposition and their hired critics often accuse the Modi administration of prioritizing business over humanitarian concerns. However, this recent diplomatic effort in Russia showcases PM Modi’s balanced approach to politics. Team RaGa only wants to showcase PM Modi as an Unfeeling Dictator! However, his current agreement with Putin in Moscow proves that Modi put the needs of Indians in the nation before everything else!

Therefore, this Humanitarian Agreement is a perfect Burnol Moment for PM Modi’s detractors and the opposition!

The ‘paw paw’ brigade can make a mockery of Modi’s deals with the foreign nations. However, their results prove that he works for the people of the nation, even in situations where hope is slim! Modi’s administration focuses on dealing with issues in India and abroad. And so they placed the benefits for Indians before any discussions on Russian energy and weaponry. The Union government used Bharat’s strategic relationship with Russia to protect its citizens. Thereby, illustrating a nuanced strategy in Moscow – leveraging economic ties to address pressing humanitarian issues.

Points to Ponder

Despite opposition claims, PM Modi’s actions reveal him as a leader dedicated to the well-being of Bharat’s people. By securing the release of Indian nationals and addressing their safety, the Modi administration underscores its commitment to humanitarian values. Consequently, proving that his leadership goes beyond mere political interests.

Thus, PM Modi’s intervention on behalf of Indians in the Russian Army proves his belief in the people-to-people connection as the heart of Indian-Russian friendship.

His words and deeds in Moscow stand as a testament to his dedication to both economic and humanitarian concerns. Additionally, this diplomatic move counters the opposition’s claims and also showcases PM Modi as a humane leader. Bharat deserves a leader who prioritizes the well-being of his people, balancing business ties with crucial humanitarian advocacy. And it seems that they have got one for the third time in a row!

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