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Manoj Tiwari Set To Defeat Kanhaiya Kumar: BJP Wins All 7 In Delhi?!

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Manoj Tiwari is set to sing his way into retaining his Lok Sabha seat this election. The tukde-tukde sloganeer, Kanhaiya Kumar, will face another resounding defeat, this time from the North-East Delhi Lok Sabha constituency. As the counting day buzzes with anticipation, the BJP is ready to claim all seven seats in Delhi, defeating candidates from both INC and AAP in the bargain.

With a rich history of political battles and shifting allegiances, this constituency has witnessed intense campaigns and fierce battles. At the center of it all stands Manoj Tiwari, the charismatic singer who as BJP’s candidate looks set to secure victory against Kanhaiya Kumar, the almost-sedition minded INC candidate!

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Manoj Tiwari Set To Deliver North-East Delhi Victory

North East Delhi Election Result 2024: BJP's Manoj Tiwari leading
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With close to 6 lakh votes in his name, Manoj Tiwari is set to claim a victory for the BJP in 2024. The grass-root connection with the people seems to have paid off in the favor of the singer-actor. His appeal to Delhi dwellers is his clean politics and the BJP’s name. Thus, with these double shields, Tiwari will serve a resounding defeat to INC’s Kanhaiya Kumar.

Kanhaiya Kumar, the INC’s candidate in North-East Delhi, was a member of the tukde-tukde gang. He loves to bad mouth the Indian Army and the BJP leaders in rallies and media interviews. Therefore, the people of Delhi seem to have rejected Kanhaiya as their representative. However, Manoj Tiwari’s victory should not be trivialized by his almost certain triumph over Kanhaiya Kumar. He is a longtime participant in the race of politics under the BJP banner!

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In 2019, Manoj Tiwari emerged victorious by defeating the seasoned INC leader Sheila Dikshit, a three time CM of Delhi. His victory was sweetened by a margin of 3,66,102 votes, an impressive 25% of the total votes cast for the seat. Consequently, the BJP had secured a dominant vote share of almost 54%, reflecting the party’s strong foothold in the constituency.

Tiwari began his political journey in 2014 by defeating AAP’s Anand Kumar. Here the margin of victory was 1,44,084 votes; which accounted for almost 11% of the total votes polled. Thus, from the onset MP Manoj has delivered victories for BJP. Therefore, the leader’s consistent mass appeal among North-East Delhi voters is undeniable!

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Why Will Can Manoj Towari Claim Victory?

Screenshot of ECI website at 3.45 pm

23,81,442 people were registered to vote in the North East Delhi Lok Sabha seat for the 2024 Lok Sabha election. The Election Commission of India released data indicating that the North East Delhi constituency’s anticipated voter turnout in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections was 62.89%. Thus, close to 15 lakh voters came forth to cast their ballot!

The ECI website shows that Manoj Towari has close to 6 lakh votes in his favor. And Kanhaiya Kumar’s votes are at 4, 50,000. Therefore, Kanhaiya Kumar is trailing with more than 1.5 lakh votes when almost 90% of the casted votes have been counted. It seems that Kanhaiya Kumar is set to lose this election by an even larger margin than last time. 

Did Delhi Deliver In The Name Of Modi?

Screenshot of ECI website at 3.45 pm

All seven constituencies have shown a leading trend for the BJP. North-West Delhi gave Yogender Chandoliya and West Delhi gave Kamaljeet Sehrawat leads of more than 1 lakh votes. Bansuri Swaraj has a lead of 50,000 in the New Delhi constituency. Harsh Malhotra has a lead of more than 50,000 votes in East Delhi. All the while, Praveen Khandelwal leads by a margin of 30,000 at Chandni Chowk. Finally, South Delhi also gave Ramvir Singh Bidhuri a lead of close to 1 lakh votes.  

Thus, it seems Delhi delivered a verdict in favor of BJP and PM Modi. The AAP and INC representatives were rejected by the people. ‘Modi Ki Guarantee’ has been deemed more acceptable than CON party guarantees by the Delhi dwellers. As the election fervor intensifies, all eyes are on Manoj Tiwari. However, the question is not of an ‘if’ but of an ‘with how much’! Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: Delhi is witnessing a battle of ideologies and personalities, where maybe nation-lovers will steal the show!

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