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Indian Army Exposes Rahul Gandhi’s Petty Agniveer Politics

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Rahul Gandhi and Congress repeatedly launch vicious attacks of misinformation on the Agniveer Scheme. However, their recent public theatrics on it reveal the depths of their political manipulation. When Rajnath Singh countered his lies, in a brazen move Rahul Gandhi used an old video to tarnish the Agniveer Scheme.

It seems that Congress is set to exploit the tragic deaths of Agniveers for its cheap politics. The social media post was so vicious and fraudulent that the usually apolitical Indian Army had to step forth to correct the narrative. Let’s talk about the truth that the CON party wants to hide from Bharat!

Rahul Gandhi’s Misleading Post On Agniveer

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To prove his point, Rahul Gandhi released a social media post on the Agniveer Scheme. The entire point of the video was to prove to the world that the BJP government lies! However, the data exposed on monetary transactions would not work in favor of the Shehzada’s narrative. Thus, his ‘Balak Buddi’ came up with a fantastic but misleading idea! He made a video that showcased his conversation with an Agniveer’s family. Here the father of the Agniveer Ajay claims that he has received no help from the Indian Army or government.

However, a deeper look at the words of the father reveals many levels of Rahul Gandhi’s deceit!

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In the video, the father claims that the officials delay the release of compensation due to elections. Thus, it seems that this video is an old statement. Ajay’s father also complained about not being given martyr status for his son. This statement seems like that of a grieving uninformed father. He moaned about the lack of family pension more than the death of his son while talking to Rahul Gandhi. And under RaGa’s supposed tutelage, the father asks the government to stop the scheme. The social media post and its inset old video were presented as facts by the Leader of the Opposition. However, in his attempt to shame the BJP, he unknowingly began to sling mud at the Indian Army!

The Truth Of The Gullible Agniveer Father

PC X @@TajinderBagga

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In later videos to the media, this father accepted that he got money in two installments. Media bytes and bank transactions are proof of this fact. However, the man seems unable to understand the reality of the scheme. He laments the inability to get a family pension. Additionally, he bemoans the lack of access canteen or medical facilities. 

PC X @@TajinderBagga

It seems that no one told him that his son was an Agniveer, not a regular soldier. Only 25% of Agniveer will be commissioned as regular soldiers after 4 years. The pension benefits are for spouses of regular soldiers. The same family is granted access to armed forces facilities only if he is a regular soldier.

The Agniveer scheme’s main aim was to reduce the burden on resources of the Defense Forces while ensuring the average age of soldiers stays low.

Thus, it seems that the misinformed Agniveer’s father does not understand the fine print of the scheme. And his lamentations reveal a disturbing reality of how CONgress has taken advantage of a confused father. Rahul Gandhi misrepresented facts shared by the family earlier in the year. The money was released in June! Release of government funds takes time, six months later the Indian Army was able to confirm the disbursement of the funds. However, by then the CON party was set to use the death of a soldier to relaunch Shehzada’s political agenda.

The Indian Army Forced To Set The Record Straight

The Indian Army is an institution that stands above politics. However, thanks to the vicious and fallacious post by Team Rahul, it was forced to step in and clarify the truth. They emphasized their respect for Ajay Kumar’s supreme sacrifice and detailed the financial assistance provided to his family.

Contrary to Rahul Gandhi’s misleading narrative, the family had already received Rs 98.39 lakhs.

An additional Rs 67 lakhs remain pending police verification, bringing the total compensation to approximately Rs 1.65 crores.

The Army’s clarification made it clear that the process of disbursing the remaining benefits was underway, following standard procedures. This response highlighted that the Army did not discriminate against Ajay Singh and that the benefits due to fallen soldiers, including Agniveers, are paid expeditiously. He was even given full honors at his death. Thus, Rahul Gandhi’s misrepresentation was laid bare. The response of the Army revealed RaGa’s willingness to use a grieving family to malign the Modi Government and the Indian Army.

Rahul Gandhi’s Disrespect: A New Low in Political Games

The recent interviews by the same martyred Agniveer’s family members confirm that they received 98 lacs from the Army and Government. And each state awards these soldiers in their own way! Uninformed or gullible members bemoaned the lack of access to Army facilities. The transient nature of the job makes them call for the scrapping of the Agniveer Scheme. Unfortunately, the misinformation campaign by Rahul Gandhi and Congress exploits these feelings. It is a blatant disregard for the truth.

Rahul Gandhi’s actions have shown a shocking disrespect for the sacrifices of soldiers and their families. His manipulation for political gain has not only disrespected the Agniveer Scheme but also tarnished the reputation of the Indian Army.

Rahul Gandhi’s misinformation campaign is more than a political misstep; it is a disservice to the nation and its brave soldiers.

By dragging the Indian Army into the mud of political theater, Rahul Gandhi has crossed the final line of decency. His use of grieving families to present false narratives demonstrates a new low in political maneuvering. The Indian Army, forced to enter the political fray to set the record straight, underscores the gravity of the misinformation being spread. It seems that RaGa is unable to have a responsible political discourse! Moreover, he seems incapable of respecting the sacrifices of our soldiers and our national defense institutions.

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