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Eid Celebrations At Southall, London End In ‘Peaceful’ Riots

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The Southall area of London saw riots between ‘peaceful’ youths and police during Eid Celebrations. The Muslim-dominant area is home to many ‘peacefuls’ from southeast Asia. The preplanned Eid event had a significant police presence to ensure public safety. However, as per reports the celebrations turned into riots that required the police to don safety riot gear to face off with the ‘peaceful’ rioters!!

While the celebrations turned sour is cause for concern, the silence of the Western media on the incident is just as alarming! Is this attack by ‘peacefuls’ is being brushed under the carpet by the British media? Let’s unpack the Eid incident and the possibility of media suppression in Sadiq Khan’s London!

Southall Suffers Riots On Eid!

Moment chaos erupts with rubbish thrown as riot cops are forced to break up huge crowds 'after Eid celebrations' | The Sun
PC The Sun

Several incidents of disorder erupted during Eid celebrations in West London. While the Metropolitan Police initiates a comprehensive investigation into the unrest, there is little doubt that the radical Islamists are anything but ‘peaceful’ during their celebrations.

The disturbances in Southall occurred when groups of youths attacked police officers with bottles and other projectiles.

The unprovoked disorder quickly escalated with officers becoming the unexpected targeted of ‘peaceful’ youths’ ‘peacefu’ celebrations. Sticks, bottles, and piles of rubbish were hurled at the police. The officers were caught off guard by the sudden increase in intensity of the clashes. Ultimately, the police were forced to respond in riot gear to quell the unrest caused by the rioting youth while celebrating Eid.

London Police’s Response To Eid Riots

West London Borough Commander talks of low morale in Met Police - Chiswick Calendar News
PC Chiswick Calendar News

Chief Superintendent Sean Wilson is responsible for policing in Ealing Borough of which Southall is a part. He expressed concern over the events and confirmed that the police would thoroughly examine the incidents to identify those ‘peaceful’ involved in the riots. Moreover, he emphasized that the police were primarily engaged in ensuring public safety during the Eid celebrations. The event organizers and the police were working together to facilitate a peaceful environment.

a small group of individuals, rumored to be from outside the area, began to engage in anti-social behavior after midnight.

Soon, the officers who intervened were surrounded by an unruly crowd. Thereafter, the rioters pelted many objects, including bottles and trash, at the officers. Thankfully, neither the public nor officers sustained any injury during the unrest. Nevertheless, the Metropolitan Police has arrested a 15-year-old boy in connection to the case.

Western Media Mute On Eid Celebration Chaos

Suspension of Niger's media umbrella organisation confirms repression
PC Media Foundation For West Africa

A most deafening silence is heard from mainstream Western media outlets on the Eid riots. It leaves questions on the lack of coverage or condemnation in its wake. While social media platforms are buzzing with updates and expressions of concern, major news channels remained conspicuously silent on the unrest. Is this Sadiq Khan’s London media management? Will crimes or unrest caused by ‘peacefuls’ be swept under the carpet? Are the media deliberately ignoring the menace of ‘peaceful’ willfulness in the face of authority? 

The absence of media attention raises concerns about who is controlling the information dissemination and media campaigns.

In times of crisis, the media keeps the people well-informed on the events. Such reports help the public to hold the authorities accountable in the pursuit of justice against rioting mobs. However, the silence of the Western media on the Eid celebration riots in Southall underscores a broader issue of media suppression and coverage bias. The lack of coverage exposes the grip ‘peacefuls’ have on media narratives.

Do you think the Western media would be silent if a similar riot occurred during Holi or Diwali celebrations? Is London the new Pakistan? Are the media scared to raise issues related to a particular section of society? The obvious answer to these questions will reveal the present and future of London at the hands of ‘peacefuls’! Imagine if they could celebrate with riots, what could happen in England it they got really upset with the police or the public??? 

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