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Colors TV Promotes Gender Confusion Via Krishna Mohini 

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Colors TV went WOKE to keep its struggling TRP ratings up. The Viacom18 owned channel showcased a show based on gender confusion – Krishna Mohini. Why? To earn brownie points by presenting a narrative of fluid gender identity. The show presents Western LGBTQIA+ confusion to the youth of Bharat packaged episodes filled with Pride March.

The Western Alphabet Hijackers, as they have appropriated 26% of the letters in the English Language, are pouring money into the media to push WOKE gender identity iisues into the nation. Unfortunately, Krishna Mohini, set in the sacred city of Dwarka, is their latest propaganda TV show filled with Western Gender Issues that ultimately lead to Medical Mutilations and Mental Confusions. Somehow, the show has diverted its aim to present the struggles that a 21-year-old singer named Krishna faces as the sole breadwinner of her family. Now, the story walks the fine line of decency by showcasing the struggles of her younger brother, Mohan, who grapples with gender identity issues. PS: Mohan is played by a young girl! Let’s explore!

Colors TV and Krishna Mohini

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The channel’s description of the show highlights how the girl Krishna faces life’s tough journey as a woman. Later, under the guise of bold feminist narratives and social reform, the show pushes the failed WOKE ideology of Gender Identity Confusion. This is a serious overarching of the theme to push the identity crisis of the Alphabet Hijackers. Using a family drama to mainstream Gender Identity Confusions is deliberately force-feeding the audience an unwanted story.

While Colors TV claims that the show addresses the issues faced by the transgender community, it is minimalizinf their lives by promoting gender confusion in the minds of the youth.

This is distasteful at best and horrendous at most! 

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Krishna Mohini diving into troubled waters with it's gender confused theme - Tellyexpress
PC Tellyexpress

One particular scene has caught the internet’s attention. The scene illustrates Mohan’s encounter with an LGBTQIA+ Pride March. Here members of the gay community dance with Pride posters and flags in hand. Such parades are common in Western countries and often showcase elements of nudity. Although a few WOKE places in India also showcase such public rally, it is never an event of mass celebration as depicted in the scene. Moreover, this scene encourages unwanted sexuality-related conversation among unrelated adults and teenagers, which lies at the heart of the entire controversy. In the show, when Mohan asks about the ‘Pride March’, an individual explains hints at confusion on sexual and gender identity. Thus, many ask if such a scene and show are required in Bharat, prompting intersting questions like : Who wants to engage Indian youth in open Gender Identity tussles?? What is their true agenda?

LGBT Community and Bharat 

Contribution of "Kinnar Community" in the development of Chandigarh is highly commendable – Satya Pal Jain | The Voice of Chandigarh
PC The Voice of Chandigarh

In India, the LGBT community has its own space of existence. The homosexual couple choose their sexual prefernece without advertising it in public. For that matter, even hetrosexualcouple shy away from public display of affection. Why? Because not every feeling needs to be externalized!! The transgenders or Kinnar Samaj also love, live, and work within the regular bounds of Indian society without disrupting it or demanding special rights. Thus, in this way the Kinnar Smaj and the Homosexuals gain more respect and social acceptance in India. Not by being an enemy of common sense who wants to encourage others to adopt their ways!

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Transgenders, in particular, are honored and given gifts on auspicious occasions like weddings and childbirth. Consequently, their blessings are highly sought and curses immensely feared. This respect and interaction with this segment of society society dates back to ancient times. 

However, the recent WOKE trend of confused gender identity is an imported Western concept alien to bharat’s kinnar samaj’s existence.

Pride parades marching on with a new sense of urgency | The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - Arkansas' Best News Source
PC The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

This WOKE confusion concept is less about acknowledging sexuality and more about creating psychological shutdowns that lead to medical transitions through body mutilation. Thus, concepts like Colors TV’s Krishna Mohini are not talking about social acceptance of transgenders when they focus of Pride March. In fact, they are asking the youth to adopt fluid and cofnusing gender identities based on their feelings, which can be changed on a monthly if not daily basis. Is this the lifestyle or behavior pattern Bharat needs? Why is the West’s failed LGBTQIA+ ideology being outsourced to Bharat’s youth? And how is this converation on a TV leading to social reform?

Krishna Mohini – A Controversial Depiction

LGBTQ+: India's first Pride march which made history
PC BBC: Pride Parade in India

The serial Krishna Mohini claims to shed light on the challenges faced by the transgender community. However, it actually presents flop Westernized concepts to talk about a sensitive social issue. The serial does not go to the actual lanes where the transgender community lives in Bharat. It does not present their real-life experiences or issues related to understanding and social acceptance. In reality, the serial only adds to the confusion of the minds of its viewers. It presents a concept that Bharat neither needs nor wants! And its approach to the transgender community seems to begina and end with the failed Western concept of Gender Theory, Pride March, and Raibow Flags; which is unacceptable.

The society is left to wonder why a failed, no-brainer concept is being pushed into active conversations in Bharat’s TV industry.

The show’s attempt to confound a cultural and social issue with WOKE ideals is a prime example of the failings in Indian television storytelling. Thus, a story that explores the true struggle of Bharat’s Kinnar Samaj would be more welcome than the Westernized Trans-ideology that Krishna Mohini tries to sell. In search of sponsors, the TV industry should not sell their souls to Devils! Therefore, Bharat begs its TV media houses to spare its youth from torturous and unrelatable stories like Colors TV’s Krishna Mohini!

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