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The New Game of Business

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New Game of Business: The tectonic shift brought by advances in technology and science has completely changed the way we live, work and entertain ourselves. The landscape of society , economics and politics are impacted profoundly. It is critical to understand the impact and implications of this change. The way we communicate with the world around us is the most visible experience of the change. Even if one is in the business of agriculture and manufacturing, we cannot survive using the tools and practices of an era that doesn’t exist anymore.

A New Game of Business

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Therefore, it is critical to understand the New Game of Business you are in and the elements that’s the driving force TODAY. The domains of Leadership, IT etc are also driven by the societal and political changes. Thus to be successful we all need to know where we stand with reference to time, place , industry and continuously learn to adapt to the change. The world doesn’t belong to the concept of survival of the fittest but to those who learn to adapt soonest.

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