Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Sanjay Dixit

Sanjay Dixit is a senior IAS of Rajasthan cadre and former secretary of the Rajasthan Cricket Association. He has written extensively on agriculture, strategic matters and social issues. Dixit did his graduation in Marine Engineering and sailed with the Merchant Navy for 4 years before joining the IAS in 1986. He is Chairman of a popular Forum The Jaipur Dialogues. Follow him on Twitter @ Sanjay_Dixit

All Religions Are Not The Same Series – Part 3 – Logic System In Hinduism — How It Differs From The West

Part 3. LOGIC CONCEPTS The assertion that Hinduism is different from the Middle Eastern Religions of the Book is further fortified by the different ways...

All Religions Are Not The Same Series – Part 2 – Hindu Dharma Is Nearest To Scientific Concept Of Time

Part 2.TIME CONCEPTS “Time is the interface between Science and Religion” — Dr. CK Raju The biggest difference and that which makes it impossible for the Eastern...

All Religions are Not The Same – Part 1 – Fundamental Principles

PART I — FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES There have been many attempts to define the Hindu Dharma, or more appropriately, Sanātana Dharma throughout the modern era. Most...

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