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Zomato Retracts Pure Veg Fleet Uniform: A Victim of ‘Peaceful’ Pressure or Casteist Chaos?

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A bloody internet war was fought on the Pure Veg Fleet announcement by Zomato. Their decision to introduce this Pure Veg Fleet sparked heated debates among various communities across the nation. The concept was a probable solution to cater to customers with pure vegetarian dietary preferences. However, the idea faced strong criticism and backlash. Consequently, CEO Deepinder Goyal ultimately retracted the ‘green’ uniform from this proposal.

This retraction raises questions about the influence of societal pressures, particularly from the Muslim and Woke community. Additionally, it shows how cleverly unfounded casteist tags are used by ‘sickulars’ to propagate their agenda. Let’s delve into the details and explore Zomato’s now-canceled Pure Veg Fleet initiative.

‘Peaceful’ Pressure On Zomato?

Back to red: Zomato rolls back green uniform for pure veg fleet amid controversy
PC Onmanorama

Zomato’s dedicated fleet for pure vegetarian orders was met with huge resistance. The primary source of the ‘akrosh’ was the ‘peaceful’ Muslim community. They were very concerned about the potential discrimination Muslim delivery partners would face. Many argued that the idea would perpetuate religious discrimination. They felt that Muslims would lose employment in this fleet due to their dietary preferences. Thereby, leading to stigmatization and marginalization within the workforce.

Another popular ‘peaceful’ angle was the customer’s rejection of Muslim delivery partners. Allegedly, many pure veg customers refuse to accept deliveries from Muslim delivery agents. Why? Muslims allege that pure vegetarian households do not trust them to retain the purity of the food. Therefore, they get rejected as delivery partners in such cases. As ‘peaceful’ backlash intensified on social media platforms, it seems many users were guided to express outrage over their perception of discriminatory policies. However, the ‘peaceful’ focus on ‘pure veg’ seems to be disproportionate.

Did the Muslim community forget about their insistence on the discriminatory practice of Halal?

Do they eat from non-Muslim vendors during Ramadan?

Is food made by Hindus considered ‘pure’ during Muslim celebrations?? Of course not! But this aspect of food discrimination is always protected under ‘Freedom to Religion’! Therefore, it seems only Hindus cannot cater to their dietary preferences!!! 

Zomato Pure Veg Fleet’s Unfounded Casteist Tag

Another facet of the controversy was the Casteism tags!! Zomato faced allegations of promoting casteist ideologies through its Pure Veg Fleet initiative. Users and critics argued that the green color jacket of delivery agents and boxes will somehow perpetuate caste-based stereotypes. Their concept of caste discrimination stems from their incorrect view that only Brahmins prefer pure vegetarian food.

However, they overlook the fact that dietary preferences are not inherently linked to caste or social status.

Many customers prefer pure vegetarian food for various reasons. Religious festivals from diverse backgrounds and communities choose to adhere to vegetarian diets. Sometimes this personal preference is guided by festivals or fasts and sometimes by ‘Deeksha’ to focus on Satvik lives. Varna, Jaat, and caste do not solely put a person on the path of a vegetarian diet. Health considerations and environmental concerns also make many users prefer vegetarian diets. Why does vegetarianism get the casteist tag in ‘secular’ societies? Why do ‘sickular’ echo chambers want to propagate such caste stereotypes on anything Hindu??

Woke Generation’s Complaints To The Pure Veg Fleet

Zomato’s “Pure Veg Fleet” has a unique complaint from the Woke Generation! This footloose and fancy-free segment of society voiced concerns about the potential repercussions of the service.

Claims were made that non-vegetarian residents of pure veg societies or apartments could face scrutiny and even eviction!

Why was such a case made by this large section of Zomato consumers? It seems they willfully neglect the verbal or written promise of adhering to pure veg diets that they made during the purchase or renting. They worry that if non-adherence to rules is known and their dietary choices are revealed, it would lead to legal action against them.

Lessons From Zomato’s Retraction Of Pure Veg Fleet Initiative

The ‘peaceful’ discrimination, the casteist tag, and the woke complaints pushed all the right buttons. Thus, CEO Deepinder Goya was forced to retract the initiative partly to maintain its consumer base. However, the pressurizing narratives must be critically examined in the context of their implications and motivations.

The assertion that pure vegetarian diets propagate casteism is a false claim. In fact, to assume that only Brahmins have pure veg food is a form of caste-bias ideology! It promotes the idea that only Brahmins would choose a Satvik life and the path of Moksha. This myth is completely a product of an active imagination. All Hindus prefer Satvik or Pure Veg food at some or the other time of the year. So ‘sickulars’ should stop typecasting food choices on the basis of their whims of fancies.

The woke complaints address their deviant mindset and attitude. They are knowingly misrepresenting their dietary preferences to gain access to accommodations. They do not want their delivery to betray how they knowingly ignore preset rules?! And this is a huge chunk of consumers who projected transparency and honesty as something bad!

The ‘peacefuls’ love their victim card and they sure know how to play it well! They object to any policy that is not Sharia-compliant. This initiative was also a victim of this salient propaganda. The controversy surrounding Zomato’s “Pure Veg Fleet” service is a poignant reminder of how Hindus are still unable to wear their beliefs on their sleeves. Moreover, it shows how easy it is to divide and attack an initiative that favors Hindu faith followers! While the part retraction of the service may appease some of these critics, it also underscores the need to debunk these tags that easily derail any pro-Hindu idea!

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