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Bharat’s Nationalism: A Sanatani Version 

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Nationalism is the most commonly thrown swear word at India’s BJP government. PM Modi and his administration often bear the taboo tag of ‘fascist’ and ‘nationalist.’ Foreign and domestic ‘toolkit’ media houses love to degrade the love for one’s motherland directly into the mires of Hitler-like behavior.

Therefore, the concept of ‘nation first’ has been turned into a controversial subject of debate and discussion. However, in India, it has a distinct character that sets it apart from its Western counterpart. In a nation as diverse as Bharat, this concept can act as a force to bind all communities of the land. Thus, for Bharat nationalism isn’t about exclusion. It is the Hindu way of bowing to the motherland and uniting in its celebration.

India’s Nationalism And Its Pluralistic Heritage

Emergence of Nationalism - Class 8
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India’s brand of nationalism is enriched and entrenched in its Sanatana Dharma and Hindu ideology. Consequently, the nation advocates and accepts pluralism and inclusivity.

The philosophy of Bharat’s Nationalism can be expressed in “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” — the world is one family!

Therefore, in a land where various religions, languages, and traditions coexist, Nationalism is more about harmonizing these differences into a symphony of cultural unity.

The Left-Liberal Conundrum

Western notions of nationalism often conflict with this Indian model. Some left-liberal voices and ‘toolkit’ media prefer to misunderstand Bharat’s nationalism as an Anti-Minority force. Consequently, their understanding falls short of why this concept can be a force for good in India. What they may not comprehend is that Indian nationalism aims to unite the diverse Hindu communities with all those who put the nation’s best interest before everything else. India’s nationalism is not just a saffron wave, it is the identity of Akhand Bharat where every identity is respected, celebrated, and safeguarded.

The Power of Indian Nationalism

From the India Today archives (2016) | Bharat Mata: The nation as a goddess - India Today
PC India Today

Bharat’s love of its nation isn’t about exclusion; it’s a force unbound by caste, religion, creed, or language. It’s a symbolic unification of the civilizational identity of Bharat. Although, modern Bharat has people of different faiths and backgrounds; they were all once part of a millennia-old history of this land.

The divisive and polarized Western concept of nationalism falls short when compared to India’s nationalism. Here this concept is not just a saffron wave that unites Hindus. Here it is a stance that every true Bharatvasi takes to preserve the civilizational identity of the land.

Example: Dr. K.K. Mohammed, archeologist and former ASI director. Despite his Muslim Faith, he set an example before the world on The inclusivity of Bharat’s Nationalism!

He stood with the truth of Ayodhya Ram Mandir and spent his life resurrecting Hindu and Jain temples to their former glory!!! He is unapologetic about his Sanatani roots and is a stellar example of Nationalism, the Bharatiya way.

In a world just waking up to the concept of inclusivity, Bharat’s Sanskriti has long since been inclusive to all those who visit the shores. Thus, India’s brand of nation-love is not a shallow self-serving hyper-conservative force. Bharat’s nationalism is a long-standing truth of the nation! It’s a reminder to the world that true nationalism is about placing Bharat Mata first and foremost! Jai Hind!

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