Monday, July 22, 2024
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The Sufi Truth: A Dark History

Nupur J Sharma, due to her remarks about Chisti last year, a celebrated Sufi saint, that brought his dark history of rape, bloodshed and...

Why Kalam Represents India, And Aurangzeb Does Not?

There was nothing secular in what Aurangzeb did. Therefore the Aurangzeb narrative must be discussed and confronted, and not evaded on the grounds of hollow secular...

सूफी परंपरा: सैयदवाद का पोषक

सूफी परंपरा को इस्लामी रहस्यवाद भी कहते हैं। अरबो (मुसलमानों) के तीसरे खलीफा उस्मान के विरुद्ध कई प्रकार के आरोप थे जिसमें एक आरोप...

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