Thursday, July 25, 2024
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All Eyes on Rafah

The Harrowing Reality of Hostages in Hamas ‘ Clutches

The families of five female Israeli soldiers held hostage by Hamas have released harrowing footage of their abduction. This disturbing video offers a glimpse...

Sonam Kapoor’s Rafah Gaffe vs. Randeep Hooda’s True Patriotism

Actress Sonam Kapoor recently sparked outrage with her "All Eyes On Rafah" social media post. Her Instagram Story was proof to the netizens of...

Instagram Removes Pro-Israel AI Image Countering “All Eyes on Rafah” Post

Instagram has recently removed a pro-Israel AI-generated image aimed at countering the viral "All Eyes On Rafah" pro-Palestinian campaign. The decision has ignited controversy,...

Oh How They Fall: Keerthi History Joins The Propaganda Train For Rafah!

Propaganda has many faces. It turns out that all it takes is a bit of fame to get to your head! Then the churning...

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