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SEBEX 2- India’s New Explosive, One Of The Most Lethal Bomb?

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India takes a major step towards Atmanirbharta in defence, by developing one of the most lethal explosive. SEBEX 2, is an indigenously manufactured explosive that is two times more lethal than Trinitrotoluene (TNT). This makes it one of the most powerful non nuclear bomb in the world.

About SEBEX2…

SEBEX 2, has been indigenously developed by Economic Explosives Limited (EEL), Nagpur. It is a subsidiary of Solar Industries and comes under the Make In India initiative.

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Experts claim that formulation of SEBEX 2 provides a more powerful blast effect than the explosives currently available. To be more accurate, it is about 2.01 times more lethal than the standard TNT explosion. Scientists measure the impact of an explosive in terms of TNT, so any explosive higher than TNT indicates greater destructive power.

According to the Solar Industries official, “Conventional Explosives, like DENTEX/TORPEX, which are used in conventional warheads, aerial bombs &many other ammunitions worldwide have TNT equivalence of 1.25-1.30.” Even the current most potent warheads used in India, like the Brahmos has a TNT equivalence of 1.50. While SEBEX 2 is 2.01 times TNT.

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The officials further reported to ANI, that a total of three formulations have been developed by EEL, which will prove to be a game changer for our armed forces.

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Indian Navy’s Official Statement-

The Navy has tested, evaluated, and certified the SEBEX 2 under its Defence Export Promotion Scheme. It has recently completed the final certification of the SEBEX 2. Commenting on this recent development, the Indian Navy posted the following update on X. It’s caption being, “#IndianNavy has successfully conducted certification tests for the explosives, which are being indigenously developed by M/s Economic Explosives Limited, Nagpur.” It further states, “The development of these explosives by M/s EEL is aimed to enhance potency & efficiency of weapons/ammunition.”

In Addition to SEBEX 2, the India Navy has also certified SITBEX 1, a thermobaric explosive known for its blast duration and intense heat generation. It will enable India to destroy enemy bunkers, tunnels and other assets. Indian Navy also certified SIMEX 4, a munition which is safer than standard explosives when it comes to storing and transportation. Thus, making it appropriate for weapon systems where safety is of paramount concern.


SEBEX 2, coupled with SITBEX 1 and SIMEX 4, will greatly bolster India’s defence capabilities and its stature in military technology. These advancements will not only make our armed forces more self reliant but will also position India as a net exporter of advanced explosive technologies. SEBEX 2, will greatly enhance the potency and efficiency of Indian arms and ammunitions. All these advancements and certifications will also pave way for strategic partnerships in global security.

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