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Will Humanity Face the Skynet Fate?

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Will humanity face the fate of Skynet ? Will AI be humankind’s undoing?

Artifical intelligence is the buzzword. These smart platforms run by LLMs or (Large Language Machines) are revolutionising the world.

Be it writing essays or composing songs, AI such as ChatGpt or Bard is leading the pack.

However, a grave concern has emerged-will these smart machines ever turn against their creators?

Terminator Fate?

The fear of machines turning into Frankenstein monster was demonstrated very well in the Terminator series of films, especially, Terminator 3-Rise of Machines.

This film, directed by Jonathan Rostow was ahead of its time. It was prescient in highlighting the dangers machines pose.

The movie features Skynet, a US built invincible cyber defense network turning rogue.

It turned against the very humans who built it and remotely launched nuclear attacks throughout the world, unleashing complete chaos in the process.

This film turned attention to the dangers that automatic weapon systems I.e., smart machines pose to humankind.

This is a reference to the killer robots.

Coming back to the issue, will humanity end up facing the Terminator fate.

A Difficult Answer

Yuval Noah Harari in his book  Homo Deus-A Brief History of Tomorrow argues that AI can emerge as a mortal threat to humanity as far as humanity’s economic prospects are concerned.

But he was silent on the issue of whether machines will turn into rogue entities like Will Smith’s I Robot.

But if the future is any indicator, it can be a distinct possibility. Otherwise, why will CEO of Twitter Elon Musk, neuroscientists like Sam Harris et al sign a petition( co-signed by a plethora of other people) about halting advanced experimentation in AI, citing ethical concerns.

But what is clear is that AI, notwithstanding its transformative ability clearly poses a threat to human skill and economic security.

While AI is useful, it is like a Pandora’s box. One of the main areas of concern is in the field of education- especially the large scale application of AI in liberal arts.

It is spelling a doom for such sectors.


AI must be used carefully, it has transformative potential and need to be handled with caution.

This is imperative, lest we end up suffering at the hands of machines and meeting the Skynet fate.






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