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Time to Embrace the Viking Spirit

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The Viking Age in the Nordic countries(8th-11th centuries) holds a lot of lessons for polytheistic faiths, time to embrace the Viking Spirit

Vikings were sea faring Norse people who were known for plundering, raiding.

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Besides they were also known for their excellent seafaring abilities.

They were known for their long seafaring voyages and for undertaking extensive voyages for the purpose of trade.

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Despite the Vikings not directly come into contact with Indians ever, there is strong historical evidence that they had commercial ties.

Vikings were a sturdy race of people who were known for their excellent and fierce fighting spirit.

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They conducted extensive raids throughout Northern Europe and even established empires i.e., the first English Viking king Cnut the Great forming the Great North Sea Empire.

It needs to be noted that they offer a lot when it comes to fighting for your faith and protecting your way of life.

Sturdy Spirit

Vikings had a sturdy spirit and were known to face the greatest of adversities with a steely resolve.

This manifested itself in the Vikings resisting the onslaught of Christianity in the 10-11th centuries in the Nordic countries.

Although the Pagan Norse religion eventually fell and Christianity prevailed, the Vikings did not give up their faith without a fight.

The historical web series Vikings Valhalla shows it brilliantly.

We need to be able to withstand any problem, no matter how insurmountable it appears.

Love your Faith

The Vikings very much loved their old faith and were proud of it.

This holds lessons for people belonging to the Sanatan Dharma.

A large section of people in Hinduism find it embarrassing to publicly proclaim their faith and show that they are proud of it.

Under the influence of wokeism and Marxism, Hindus feel into a deep slumber. But, what should we be embarrassed about accepting what we are?

Hindus need to understand that, nobody is asking you to be a religious zealot like Islamists or Christian evangelists, but at least be proud of the fact that you belong to the oldest living religion.

A religion which is a treasure trove of culture, values and scientific ideas.

Learn the Vikings to love your faith, defend your faith at any cost, do not forget who you are and where you came from.

Learn not just from Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Ma Durga, but also from Odin, Thor, Freya and even Loki.

History Teaches a Lot

This is an appeal from a Sanatani, learn from history or you are doomed.

Despite the Pagan Vikings being headstrong and proud of their old faith, they lost it in the battle against Christianity.

This shows that we must learn from history, learn from the mistake of the Vikings and try and not repeat them.

While practice of religion is constitutionally guaranteed under Article 25, we need to be mindful of the missionary activities of Christian NGOs and churches.

The same applies in the case of Islamic faith as well.

To my fellow Hindus, do not fall for the trap of scholarships, promises of a good life at the expense of your identity.

We are standing at a critical moment in history, we can longer afford to be deracinated.

Hindus, learn, rise and unite.



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