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Time to Deport Rohingyas is Now

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The Rohingyas in India constitute a national security threat, the time to deport the Rohingyas is now without any considerations

The Rohingya ethnic community of Myanmar hit the global headlines in 2017 due to a military crackdown by the Myanmarese military.

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What prompted the crackdown?

The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) attacked several installations of the military and in retaliation there was large scale exodus of the Rohingyas.

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The USA, EU and other western institutions have levelled serious allegations of “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing” against the Myanmar military.

The scale of the exodus was indeed mammoth, over two million Rohingyas escaped Myanmar and most are now in Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh has done a commendable job in sheltering, educating and even providing livelihood to these destitutes.

Most of them are settled in the Cox Bazar district of Bangladesh.

The Sheikh Hasina government of Bangladesh have relocated them to the Bhashan Char Island on new built enclaves.

Thousands, however, have travelled and have ‘settled’ in India.

This, however, is a matter of grave national security concern for India for multiple reasons.

Demographic Change

In the most populous country in the world, one cannot afford more people, least of all those who do not belong here.

Rohingyas have ‘settled’ in Kolkata, Delhi, Assam and many other places in India.

They, however, are nothing short of breeding machines who have the potential to alter the demographic balance of any state within a few years.

Assam is bearing the brunt of this breeding problem, exacerbated by Rohingyas.

In absence of education, contraception and other family planning norms it is only expected that these people will produce up to five to six children per family and end up wrecking havoc socially.

Since forced sterilization is outlawed in India, it is of imperative necessity that the Rohingyas are deported.

Law & Order Angle

The Rohingyas, because of their background, especially religious one will become a law and order headache.


They can be recruited by criminal and terrorist organizations to engage in illegal activities such as extortions, money laundering, murder, rape and even drug trafficking.

The terrorism angle is the most serious. Because of the scourge of radical Islam, scores of Rohingyas in Bangladesh have been radicalized and are harassing the ordinary Bangladeshi.

To compound matters, they have joined terror groups to impose Sharia in Bangladesh and establish a puritanical state.

The same holds true for India as well as terror groups ISIS and Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent have pledged to set up Ghaza-E-Hind.

There is no reason to believe that Rohingyas will not join these terror organizations.

Sovereignty Concerns

Rohingyas are inhabitants of Myanmar, by entering India they threatening the sovereignty and integrity of India.

India shares a 1600 km long porous border with Myanmar. So the Rohingyas will constitute a non-traditional security threat.

They will eat into the resources of the state and invade our country just as illegal migrants from Bangladesh are doing in Assam and other borders states of India.


India is not bound by the UN Convention on Non-Refoulement of Refugees, 1951.

Hence it is time that the Modi government traces every single Rohingya, be it men, women and children all over India and deport them immediately.

It is Myanmar where they rightlfully belong.

The government must also try and persuade Bangladesh to deport them and pile immense pressure on the military junta in Myanmar to take their people back.

The time for humanitarian considerations are over. It is time for action.

It is time to deport Rohingyas immediately.

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