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The Drama of Secularism

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The drama of secularism has been going on for far too long, it is time that that we put an end to it

In the republic of Bharat, there are some words which have shaped the cultural discourse over the decades, one such word is secularism.

Secularism means, in the European context, the strict separation of the affairs of the state with religion. The state is not really anti-religion but it will maintain a strict line of separation.

This is most prononunced in the French idea of ‘laicism‘, and its practical manifestation is found in the French education system, where no religious symbol is allowed.

Having said that, the Indian notion of secularism, at least since the Nehruvian times has been the neutrality of the state.

The state will maintain equidistance from every religion but will undertake efforts to promote every religious activity under state regulation.

This is evident from Articles 25-28 of the constitution of India.

But the objective of this article is not to highlight the nitty-gritties of secularism, but to expose the hypocrisy of this despicable concept called ‘secularism’.

Secularism is Anti-Hindu

Let’s be under no illusion, secularism is outrightly anti-Hindu.

You may ask why?

It is because of several reasons-

Firstly, it has been systemically used by successive Congress governments to victimize Hindu people.

This disgusting principle has been used to tinker with our personal laws, beliefs and even the regulation of our sacred places of worship-temples.

This state regulation of temples was never applied to other religious places of worship or institutions, then why only temples?

Secondly, it has been used to prioritize minorities, especially the M-people.

Even Dr. Manmohan Singh, the former Indian Prime Minister went on record saying the minorities have the first claim on the countries resources. I ask, in my personal capacity as a Sanatani-why this step-motherly treatment for Hindus?

Thirdly, this secularism trope has been used by Islamists and Evangelists to convert, the successive governments remained stoically silent, why?

Fourthly, the liberal brigade went hammer and tongs when Mohammed Akhlaq died, but why the silence on the murder of Palghar sadhus?

Why no condemnation on the murder of Kanhaiya Lal by Islamist terrorists?

Why is it only that when a member of the so-called minority in India is there outrage, but silence on the ghastly murder of an innocent Hindu?

Are lives that cheap?

No, no more. It is time to turn the tables.

Remove Secularism

It is high time that the incumbent government take this brave exercise of initiating a constitutional amendment and remove the word ‘secularism’ from the preamble.

India’s very name is Bharat or Hindustan, what is the shame in admitting that?

Why the reluctance on calling India a Hindu Rashtra?

Does it mean jettisoning the constitution. No, it means reaffirming the real identity of India, that is Bharat.

This can be done only when the word secularism is removed from the preamble so that the true past of India in all its glory can be redeemed.

Hence the drama of secularism needs to be put to an end immediately.



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