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Suicide of a Young Soul at Jadavpur University

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Swapnadeep Kundu, a young soul at Jadavpur University committed suicide due to ragging, but there are deeper issues involved

On 10th August 2023, Swapnadeep Kundu, a 1st year student of Bengali Honours at Jadavpur University was found dead in the main hostel of the Jadavpur University campus.

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Investigation by the police revealed that the student had committed suicide and was strangely found in naked state.

Eyewitnesses confirmed the horrific nature of the incident, one of them- a Kashmiri student saw Swapnadeep jumping off the roof of the main hostel and rushed to save him, but alas! He couldn’t prevent the latter from falling.

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The Governor and chancellor of JU, CV Ananda Bose reached the university premises yesterday and assured strict action against the culprits.

A local newspaper of Bengal reported that both the Chief Minister and Governor spoke to the grieving father of the student.

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The former said to the student’s father, “While I cannot bring back your son, I can assure you that the culprits won’t be spared”.

But what caused the suicide?

Upon in-depth investigation, police found that the egregious cause-ragging.

It has been reported in the leading newspapers of the city that Swapnadeep was behaving strangely on the 10th.

The cause of this strange behaviour that police authorities have managed to unearth is this-his seniors who were ragging him alleged that he was gay or homosexual.

He was trying his level best to prove that he wasn’t, but unable to bear the mental torture, he took the ultimate step.

Ragging – An Abhorrent Practice

This ghastly incident shows the egregious nature of ragging.

Contrary to popular perception, ragging doesn’t harden you as a person.

It is not the ragging that was shown in the 2019 film Chhichhore.

Ragging is a disgusting phenomenon, it inflicts bodily harm and is voyeuristic by nature.

It is nothing but sadomasochism in its crudest form. The 2012 Hindi film Table No 21 starring Rajeev Khandelwal, Tina Desai and Paresh Rawal shows the horrendous nature of ragging.

Psychological Consequences

Ragging has adverse psychological impact on the victim.

The perpetrator or perpetrators derive nasty pleasure from this and develop what is known as a ‘megalothymic’ idea i.e., the idea of feeling superior to others.

An outcome of ragging is the belief among the seniors of a college or university that they have the inalienable right to rag others simply because they themselves were the victims of ragging.

For the victim, the psychological impact is adverse-it makes them terrified of the environment in which they live in.

It stirs a psychosis of fear in their mind, the survivors may become paranoid, and research has shown that in later life they develop schizophrenia.


UGC norms are strict about ragging-expulsion & denial of admission in educational institutions.

The perpetrators must face the full force of the law, justice must be delivered swiftly.

A movement must develop, this appeal is coming from an ex-JU student.

I hope that the suicide of this young soul at Jadavpur University shakes up the authorities.

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