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Shame on Star Sports: Cricket Broadcast or Celebrity Showcase?

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The ICC Men’s World Cup is trending on Social Media for the wrong reasons! The broadcasting of any sports at an international level is usually impartial. However, Star Sports is being accused of blatant favoritism. #SameOnStarSports is the trending hashtag that is at the center of the storm.

This once-revered sports broadcaster is under fan scrutiny for transforming into a PR machinery for its chosen star of the Indian Cricket team – Virat Kohli. The allegations range from biased post-game analyses to the questionable absence of the Indian team’s collective journey. Let’s look at the concerns raised about the broadcaster’s commitment to fair and unbiased coverage.

Shame on Star Sports: Shift From Broadcast to PR Machine?

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What was once the go-to destination for cricket enthusiasts, is now viewed as a PR Machinery! Cricket lovers seeking unbiased coverage have taken to social media about the questionable practices of this broadcaster. Star Sports, instead of being a neutral cricket broadcasting channel, appears to have adopted the role of a public relations amplifier for Virat Kohli. No doubt that Virat Kohli is a Star in the Indian cricket team’s marquee of players. However, was it really required to use his name to gain high TRP ratings? 

Why 'Shame On Star Sports' Is Trending?
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In a puzzling move, Star Sports has been caught using Virat Kohli’s image in place of the actual Captain of the Indian Cricket Team, Rohit Sharma.

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This strategic choice raises eyebrows and prompts questions about the broadcaster’s agenda! The entire stakeholders in the Cricket Industry are laying it on thick to a specific player, potentially overshadowing the team’s collective effort. Shame on Star Sports for Diving the Indian Cricket Team in such a despicable way!!!

Post-Game Analysis Directive: All Roads Lead to Kohli?

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Some presenters have stepped forward with claims that they were directed to focus their post-game analyses predominantly on Virat Kohli’s performance! Why were they given such a directive? Who is ensuring that the overall team dynamics are underplayed? This directive not only compromises the integrity of the analysis but also raises concerns about the broadcaster’s commitment to providing an unbiased perspective on the game.

A Call for Fair Play in Broadcasting

All cricket enthusiasts want the sport to be broadcasted to ensure an authentic and unbiased cricketing experience. However, the recent observation on Star Sports has raised alarms about the potential compromise of these principles. It’s time for Star Sports to revisit its priorities as a cricket broadcaster! The cricket lovers demand that the game, not individual players, takes center stage in media coverage. In the world of sports, fairness and transparency should be the guiding principles. Shame on Star Sports for not being honest to its viewers! Let’s hope pressure from Social Media will make Star Sports heed calls from fans and returns to genuine cricket broadcasting.

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