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Pakistan’s Apology Obsession: Absurd Extremist Ideology Mocks Science

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Pakistan is a trainwreck bound toward extinction! It is a hell hole for those who chose religion above everything else! These words are not only true for the low levels of respect for human life and morality. Such words showcase the lack of growth in terms of science in India’s neighbor.

While India was able to land on the Moon with Chandrayaan, Pakistan’s apology obsession mocks science. In a world where scientific progress has propelled humanity into an age of discovery and enlightenment, it’s bewildering to witness absurd extremists emerging from the walls in Pakistan with a compulsive urge to apologize for scientific facts. Let’s take a plunge into the bizarre world of extremist ideology that places blind faith above reason.

The Ridiculous Case of Apology-Driven Ignorance

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In a recent incident, a Pakistani assistant professor Sher Ali found himself in the unenviable position of apologizing for teaching his students about the theory of human evolution. Most sane individuals will ask why apologize for teaching Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Well, some parents believed that this scientific concept contradicted Islamic teachings. Thus, the teacher was made to apologize for teaching an approved curriculum in his science class. It’s akin to apologizing for the sun rising in the east! And almost akin to stating that the Earth is not flat!! 

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Pakistan Is Apologizing Its Way Into the Dark Ages

Professor Apologizes for Teaching Evolution? | Plight of Science in Pakistan | Pale Blue Thoughts : r/atheismindia
PC Reddit

This incident marks the absurdity of an emerging trend and Pakistan’s Apology Obsession! Irrational Islamists demand an apology for everything!

From the shape of the Earth to the Principles of Gravity; Pakistan’s zealots and similar extremist ideologies actively repel a whole list of scientific facts. 

In this particular incident, the teacher was asked to state that women are inferior to men. Why? ‘Coz the one-book ideology says so! Sadly, apologizing for science has become a new fad. However, the country and its loyal Islamists forget that scientific knowledge is not a threat to religion. In fact, science and faith can coexist harmoniously. Look at Bharat, for example. Sanatani women fast till moonrise on Karva Chauth, but they do not negate its status as a satellite of Earth! Pakistan’s blind faith in extremism is happily leading it down a regressive path in the Dark Ages.

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‘Paki’ Pakistanis – Form of Mental Violence

Such news from across the border no longer amazes Bharatiyas. Pakistan has become a home ground for apologies that mock science and humanity. Absurd zealot ideological beliefs highlight the regressive mental violence against all of humanity. By rejecting established scientific facts and promoting extremist views, such ideologies hinder progress in Pakistan.

Thus, it is not surprising that Pakistan is a breeding ground for stifled intellectual growth and religious intolerance. The global community must acknowledge the challenge that is Pakistan. They must also understand that Bharat cannot counter these rigid beliefs with reason and open-mindedness. To ensure Bharat’s unhindered path forward, the woke Indian must identify and accept the regressiveness that the one-book behavior can lead to! May all of Bharat, irrespective of religion, move forward with a rational mindset free from the shackles of mental violence similar to Pakistan’s Apology Obsession.

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