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No Country for Minorities

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Pakistan is no country for minorities, the torching of five Churches in the banana republic shows the pathetic condition of that country

Liberal democracy is considered to be the best form of government in the world.

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One of the reasons is the guarantee the state gives to the protection, rights, liberties of not just the majority but the minority communities.

Minorities see themselves as a rightful part of that country.

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But is it so in case of Pakistan?

No, it never was and never will be.

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A country that was founded on the basis of a separate homeland for Muslims doesn’t give a damn about the rights of minorities.

The founding father of Pakistan, Muhammed Ali Jinnah asserted that the religious and cultural identity of individuals is a personal matter, but the state has got nothing to do with it.

Is it so?

No, it isn’t. Identity and religious orientation in Pakistan, your linguistic, sectarian and religious identity matter.

If you are a Punjabi, Sunni Muslim, then you are truly free.

But what if you are a minority?

Say a Hindu, Christian or Jew, well then you are in for some serious trouble.

Nature of Blasphemy

In Pakistan, blasphemy is a serious issue, the Pakistan Penal Code’s Section 295C designates blasphemy as a ‘heinous crime’ that has only one punishment-death penalty.

But wait!

Before the lengthy trial, before your indictment, it is not really certain whether you will be alive at all.

The madrasa ecosystem of Pakistan which produces hundreds of jihadis, as Tilak Devasher had documented in Pakistan-Courting the Abyss ready to lynch people.

The very social ecosystem of that country with the religious establishment dominated by reactionary Maulvis and Maulanas are ever ready to lynch people to “avenge the insult of Islam”.

You Don’t Matter

Just yesterday, an angry mob in Pakistan torched five churches after a poor Christian municipality worker is said to have “desecrated the Quran and insult Prophet Muhammed”.

Like seriously?

Why would the poor fellow dig his own grave? He has got everything to lose by doing something like that.

To compound matters, the police in that concerned region remained a mute spectator, even as the mob went on a hysterical rampage.

Hence, remember this very clearly-if you are a Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist (if there are any) or Jew, you have no rights.

You, as Robert Sapolsky in his book Behave-The Biology of Humans at Our Best & Worst will be treated as a sub-human, the other.

In Pakistan, you, a non-Muslim are a ‘kafir’ or unbeliever, you have no rights, no liberties. Why even a non-Muslim, you will be treated as a kafir if you are a Ahmadiya.

You, the non-Muslim, are destined to be their slaves.

Your women will be taken, converted and married off to some fellow who is much older than your child.


The minorities in Pakistan which is 97% Islamic are literally cursing why they are living in that country.

Hindus, Sikhs, Christians are all under threat. It is imperative that the Indian government under the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 fast track their citizenship.

Pakistan is no country for minorities.

If Bharat fails its civilizational members, then it will be a collective shame on our right to call to be called the Vishwaguru.

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