Monday, July 22, 2024

Jaipur Dialogues Image on Chandrayaan-3 went Viral

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Even as the country was celebrating the stupendous feat of Chandrayaan 3, Jaipur dialogues image on Chandrayaan-3 went viral

Since its inception in 2016, The Jaipur Dialogues has been known to be a voice of Bharatiya consciousness.

It has been a torchbearer of Bharatiya spirit with a staunch India-first stand.

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Once again, an image of the Jaipur Dialogues on Chandrayaan-3 lander succesfully landing on the moon went viral on twitter and has been used by various platforms.

Here is the image.

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Here is a tweet.

This clearly shows how viral the Chandrayaan 3 image of the The Jaipur Dialogues went viral, on top of that it clearly demonstrates how popular the Jaipur Dialogues as a platform working in India’s national interests has become.

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