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Islam and Indic civilization

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Islam is fundamentally incompatible with Indic culture and civilization

Islam, the world’s second biggest religion in terms of area and population has been a complex social institution and force over the last 1400 years.

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Its influence has been vast across societies and institutions. However, the religion, its institutions, its ideals and way of life it preaches has been extremely controversial since its inception.

This is particularly evident in the controversy surrounding the phenomenon of modernity and following religious principles. In this context, it applies to following the commandments of the Quran and the Islamic personal law- the Shariat.

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This complex issue has to be interpreted from the point of view of the complex question- Is Islam compatible with Indic civilization and culture?

Indic civilization-an exposition

Indic civilization refers to the culture, institutions and ways of life that emerged within and outside of the Indian subcontinent. Such cultures have been Indianized in general and Hinduized in particular.

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Indic civilization includes, within its broad ambit-Hinduism, Judaism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism and other Indic faiths. They are Indic because they believe in conforming to particular Indian way of life which is indigenous to the South Asian region. Its theoretical underpinnings continues to have Hinduism as its base.

Among the Abrahamic faiths, Judaism and Christianity can be considered to be Indianized, despite the latter being the faith of the European Colonizers- British.

Indic civilization pays equal respect to festivals of its constituent religions, be it Diwali to Christmas, albeit with a Hindu touch which is shorn of its European origins.

Islam- a paradoxical faith

Islam is a paradoxical faith.

It is an expansionist religion which believes totally in the establishment of a caliphate. It believes in establishing the supremacy of the faith by using the point of sword.

The early centuries in the faith’s history, particularly the first three caliphates expanding Islam relentlessly with the use of the sword.

Robert Spencer, an American security expert has in his book A History of Jihad-From Muhammed to ISIS has highlighted this strange nature of Islam.

Further Sam Harris, American philosopher and neuroscientist has claimed Islam to be a motherlode of bad ideas.

In that context, Islam is incompatible with Indic notion of life. Indic religions emphasize on dialogue and tolerance, something which Islam doesn’t preach. Shashi Tharoor in his book The Hindu Way stated that Islam doesn’t allow redemption of hope and salvation for non-believers in the Islamic faith.

Islam cannot tolerate pluralism and polytheism, it considers polytheism to be a sin. This a point where Indic civilization differs completely. It emphasizes that there is only one God Allah and prophet Muhammed is his only prophet or messenger. This underlying Islamic notion is not in conformity with Indic values which prides in diversity of thought and worship.


It is therefore absolutely clear that Islam is not a part and parcel of Indic civilization and perhaps never will. This is in a large measure due to the alleged Middle Eastern allegiance of its adherents in Bharat. To be truly Indian, people of Muslim faith in India must renounced what J Sai Deepak calls ‘Middle Eastern Coloniality’ and embrace their Hindu roots.



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  1. To cut the story short, All the chaos in the world since last 1400 years is because of the hoax called ‘Holy Book’, which itself is a DELUSION, accepted as truth under ILLUSION by the followers, since the time the fraud Prophet purportedly ‘received’ it under HALLUCINATION.

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