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India’s LIFE Approach and Environment

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India’s LIFE approach and environment are critically linked, understanding it will help us better tackle the environmental crisis

Mission LIFE or lifestyle for environment approach was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2022.

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At a time when the global community is facing the existential threat of climate change, something different, perhaps hatke is necessary to tackle the threat of climate change.

This LIFE approach is exactly that, so understanding it is essential to decode the Indic way of protecting and conserving environment.

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LIFE- The Indian Way

LIFE or lifestyle for environment is the Indian approach to tackle the menace of climate change.

It is based on the following principles-

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Firstly, respect and revere nature. India has a long history where we, the people of India, have been living in harmony with nature. The vibrant tribal community of Bharatvarsha take the lead in a nature friendly lifestyle.

Secondly, follow simple rules like-switching of lights and fans when not required, use eco-friendly products whereever possible, use public transportation etc.

Thirdly, respect the cultural history of your ancestors, your ancestors have been polytheists for generations, their worship of trees, forests, animals like cows, lions, mouse etc are all a strong indication of their love for nature.

This is clearly evident from the rich history of Sanatan Dharma, Buddhism, Jainism etc.

Having said, the tribal community of India have been animists which is why they do not engage in rapacious behaviour when it comes to utilizing resources of forests.

This LIFE approach preaches exactly that.

Lastly, avoid consumerism and concentrate on increasing the part of energy produced from renewable sources, also prioritize your indigenous sources of medicine & knowledge system

Democracy and LIFE Approach

You might wonder what has democracy got to do with the LIFE approach.

Well, democracy in India isn’t any formal thing, it is a celebratory phenomenon. We cherish democratic principles and the LIFE approach defines our very committment to democracy.

LIFE approach is like a fresh approach to democracy, an eco-friendly way of celebrating democratic norms and rules.


Hence LIFE approach to environment is truly a transformational approach to climate change, which if properly utilized globally will prove to be a gamechanger in tackling this menace.

Hence India’s LIFE approach and environment are critically interlinked.

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