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Babur In Bhagwa And Pro Pakistan Sloganeering!

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The Pakistan Cricket Team landed in Hyderabad. They are here for the ICC ODI World Cup. An interesting event took place once they landed on Indian soil.

The entire Pakistani team was welcomed with the Bhagwa (Saffron) coloured gamcha (shawl). This send the entire internet in a zone of sweet glee and frenzy! Watching Babur in Bhagwa!

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Babur And Bhagwa

बाबर का जीवन परिचय इतिहास Babar biography in Hindi - Deepawali
PC Deepawali

The welcome gesture of the Indian side soon turned into an enthusiastic meme game for the netizens. It was a bitter sweet experience to watch a Babur covered in Bhagwa! The incident was as if the clock turned back and the tyrant who robbed Hindus was bowing to them.

Pakistan Cricket Team: भारत आते ही भगवा रंग में रंगे बाबर आजम और रिजवान, हिंदू धर्म की जमकर तारीफ, वायरल हुआ VIDEO
PC Hindnow

Many went ahead with funny comparisons and rejoicing that Babur was finally wrapped in Bhagwa! The images and memes went viral fast enough and took the platform X (formerly Twitter) by a storm!

Pro Pakistan Slogans

Among the crowd of gathered fans, many started with pro Pakistan slogans and cheering “Pakistan Zindabad” on Indian soil. It is needless to point out which fans were responsible for the same.

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Even so many years after the partition, we get to witness these instances. The country bled because the minority community voted for an Islamic state, Pakistan. They got it but a few chose to stay here. And guess what the result is – a community of peacefuls who are waiting to strike and supporting anti India agendas.

While it may not seem to be such a big deal, remember that it was the ancestors of these individuals only who asked for Pakistan. While they stay and enjoy the benefits on the Indian soil, their hearts still beat for the Islamic nation Pakistan. And then they cry wolf when their loyalty for India is questioned and placed under a radar.

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While there has been no official cognisance for this, we as citizens of the great land Bharat need to rise up. We need to be the caretakers of our country and our destiny. We are the descendants of the great fighters of this Bharatvarsh! Our ancestors fought and bled for the nation and our Dharma. We will not be the ones who will let it diminish! Bharat Mata ki Jai!

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