Monday, July 22, 2024

A Message to Secular Hindus

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A message to ‘secular’ Hindus from an ex-secular, do not fall for this insidious trap and mend your ways

Dear Secular Hindus,

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Our culture and religion are know to be very hospitable and accommodative by nature. It accepts everybody into its inclusive fold and is a manifestation of strong civilizational ethos.

We, as Hindus must be proud of this idea of Hinduism.

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Ours is the oldest organized religion in the world.

Organized, not in the sense of having only one God, one holy book and one canonical source of law.

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It is organized in the sense of its coherence and multiplicity of thoughts and ideas.

Perhaps, it will be better if I call it Sanatan Dharma.

However, today I write to you people with a lot of anguish that it is this ‘secular troupe’ that has emerged as the biggest challenge to the very existence of our religion.

Secularism – A Farce

To secular Hindus-Let’s be very honest about one thing, secularism which you ‘secular minded’ people have hold to dear for so long, considering it as something ‘sacrosanct’ is utter nonsense.

‘Secular’ was forcefully inserted into the constitution by the 42nd amendment act of 1976 during the emergency period.

However, the Indian notion of secularism is a twisted deranged concept which is far from the pristine nature of laicism in Europe.

It is this trope that has been used for victimizing Hindus for the last seventy five years. Secularism is, therefore, nothing but an utter trash.

You are the real traitors!

To my ‘secular’ Hindu brothers and sisters, it gives me no shame to identify your tribe as the real traitor to our Sanatani cause.

In the name of ‘secularism’, it is you, the ‘secular’ Hindu who is the culprit behind the siege mentality of Sanatanis.

Your only motto, all these years, and especially since the commencement of the Modi era.

You have been very eager to insult, berate and consider Sanatan Dharma as an inferior religion with a backward civilization.

This ‘secular’ attitude caused you to wish Vasanta Panchami, Dusshera, Ram Navami, Onam with a sense of disgust and shame.

You consider that flaunting your religious identity to be a sign of backwardness and illiteracy.

Your ‘secular tribe’ regards speaking in the mother tongue or any other vernacular language to be a something ‘untouchable’ and as anti-modern.

You made Hinduism Defenseless

It is your actions that have rendered our religion defenseless.

You people have failed to recognize the real foe in the room- Abrahamic faiths. While I can discount Christianity, Judaism from this category, Islam can’t be.

Why don’t you admit that Islam, its way of culture, its political and legal doctrines are the real problem of Bharat.

Why do you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed in exposing the true face of this religion.

You people think that it is cool to berate Hinduism, hurt the feelings of Sanatanis and call Islam and its adherents by all the beautiful and serene names.

Guess what, you cannot do that.


Social media is a testimony to the fact that Hindus have arisen up. It is time that you people learn to respect us.

Take pride in your culture and not alien cultures. Recognize the greatness of Sanatani values.

It is not late for you, either you improve yourself or we, through centuries of resistance know how to teach your tribe the necessary hard lessons.

Yours truly,

An ex-secular.


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