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Reclaiming Bharat’s Historical Legacy

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Reclaiming Bharat’s historical legacy is a long overdue exercise, the NCERT panel for revision of school textbooks is showing the way

In a highly important step, the committee for revising the syllabus of NCERT has recommended replacing the name of ‘India’ with Bharat.

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This is to be done in all social science textbooks upto Class 12.

The 2022 social science committee made this recommendation. They are hopeful that the change in the name will be effected this year.

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This clearly highlights that the NCERT panel under the aegis of the Ministry of Education is giving the due importance to the these neglected areas.

The Indic history portion was unjustly omitted from the NCERT school textbooks for decades.

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This is thanks to the partisan attitude of the Nehruvian-Marxist intellectual cabal.

Other Transformative Changes

The educational panel also made a number of other important recommendations.

Among them the most important are-

Renaming ‘ancient history’ with ‘classical period of Indian history’.  This is in accordance with the glorious period of ancient history in Bharat.

This is especially important given the remarkable scientific and artistic achievements of the Indic empires like Kushana, Mauryan, Gupta Samrajyas etc.

Inclusion of Indian victories in the post 1947 period. Currently the school textbooks include nothing of these.

This highlights a conscious attempt to promote the spirit of Bharatiya nationalism among the masses.

Significance of the Recommendations

The NCERT panel’s recommendations are revolutionary. While the Marxist intellectual lobby call this ‘historical revisionism’, it is not so, this is simply correcting history.

The Marxist lobby do not shy away from glorifying the despicable period of Islamic history of Bharat in which Sanatanis were forcibly converted, butchered.

Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and people of Indic faiths were treated as second class citizens. They were not given their due rights.

So renaming of India to Bharat is a necessary first step in promoting the Indic narrative-the need to reclaim Bharat’s history.

Further, emphasis on classical history of ancient India is a step in the right direction.

It will help in rekindling the interest of students in knowing the real history of Bharat. Hence the NCERT panel is leading the way in reclaiming Bharat’s historical legacy.

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