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Pledges this Independence Day

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 Let’s undertake a number of pledges this 77th Independence Day,

The feeling of being free or achieving liberty is a transcendental one.

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It is a manifestation of one’s years of perseverance, it feels like Amrit. Amrit which rejuvenates not just one’s mind but also the psyche of an entire nation.

On the occasion of Bharat’s 77th Independence Day, such a beautiful feeling is bound to come in the minds of all nationalist Bharatiyas.

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It is a feeling of pride of being free. Independence also denotes the reverence that Indians have for the countless brave souls who sacrificed their lives and careers for the sake of the motherland.

In the light of this feeling of freedom i.e.true freedom or liberty, let us, in our capacity as Indians, make a few pledges.

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Pledge to Take Our Nation Forward

The first and foremost pledge that we all must take is to take our nation forward.

We, the people of Bharat, must solemnly pledge to constitute India into a prosperous, inclusive and powerful republic.

We, as Indians, must resolve to take India forward and strive tirelessly to work towards making India the most powerful country on Earth.

All Bharatiyas must pledge to make India the next superpower in the world.

A superpower which is respected by comrades and feared by foes. You and I will transform our nation into a civilizational state.

Pledge to Become a Vishwaguru

We pledge to become the World’s Vishwaguru.

We must take this pledge to advocate, not the cause of war, but peace.

While prioritizing Artha as an essential purushartha, we also strive to advocate the cause of spiritualism, to attain a higher state of living.

We pledge to make our country not just the country of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj, but also the land of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore.

Pledge to Root Out Colonial Mindset

This 76th Independence Day, let’s take this pledge to root out the remaining remnants of the colonial mindset.

This includes taking the pledge to unanimously root out alien ideologies like Marxism, Imperialism & Islamism.

These are ideologies that reflects Western, British and Middle Eastern Colonialism.

We must not let any of these ideologies to cloud the Indic mind anymore.

Pledge to Rediscover Bharatiyata

Let’s pledge to rediscover our Bharatiyata, this earnestly means rediscovering Bharat’s past.

It means embracing a scientifically rationalist mindset that is both nationalist and is scientifically informed.

This entails rediscovering your Sanatani roots and acknowledging what you are-a Sanatani and an Indic humanist.

It denotes igniting this interest of rediscovering not just India but Bharat & Hindustan-the birthplace of Hindus and other Indic faiths.


Finally, let’s pledge to make Bharat the best country on Earth and take it to new heights, a feat that was never thought possible in history.

Therefore, these are the pledges this Independence Day.

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