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Satvik Certification: Empowering Quality in Vegetarian Cuisine

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Conscious dietary choices are gaining momentum in the fast-paced world today. The eat-healthy trends are emerging as the need of the hour for the stressful, career-oriented modern life. In the times when ‘Halal Certification’ on vegetarian cuisine has sparked controversies and raised suspicions of ‘Jizya’ against the ‘peacefuls’, Satvik Certification emerges as a counteraction for Sanatan Dharma followers.

As per Vedas, satvik food is the essence of authentic and healthful vegetarian cuisine. Therefore, Satvik Certification is the modern scientific application of Vedic traditions and rules in vegetarian food products and related services. This mark assures Sanatanis that Vedic traditions and wisdom were at the forefront of the production process. 

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What is Satvik Certification?

Hindus now have option to buy world's first 'Sattvik' certification for vegetarian food safety and compliance - The Commune
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Grounded in Vedic Culture, this Certification stands as a formidable framework dedicated to maintaining the sanctity of production, preservation, and distribution. This meticulous process is designed to diminish inherent hazards, ensuring the highest quality and safety for all consumers.

At the heart of Satvik Certification lies the seal of purity that authenticates vegetarian products. Satvik food products are meticulously curated with unwavering attention to food safety and environmental impact. The Satvik Certification Board, the first of its kind in the world, places deep importance on establishing Standard Operating Procedures at every step of the product’s journey. Their seal assures that the food is not only wholesome and 100% vegetarian, but also it is made with Vedic traditions and customs in mind.

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How does Satvik Certification Empower Sanatana Dharma? 

The independent certification, by the Satvik Certification Board or the Sattvik Council of India, Sanatana oriented businesses can proudly display the purity logos on their products. These symbols not only signifies adherence to stringent standards but also builds consumer trust in Sanatana Dharma followers.

Additionally, they elevate awareness among Vedic believers and help distinguish satvik products from other vegetarian products.

Sattvik Council of India | Delhi

Currently, Satvik Certification is collaborating with governments worldwide to promote coexistence with nature. This passion to enrich life with delectable Satvik food, enhanced Vedic health, and compassion for all beings in nature adheres to the Sanatana Dharma principles. The popularity of this certification ensures that Indian railways’ IRCTC serves 8,000-10,000 Satvik-certified meals daily from Satvik Certification Board. These meals are served on trains like Shatabdi, Rajdhani, and Vande Bharat.

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The support for this certification directly promotes the concept of Vedic knowledge and traditions. This certification stands as a unique step towards repelling the ‘Halal Certification’ issued for vegetarian products. Moreover, such a certificate ensures that Sanatana Dharma’s wisdom is part of the food production methodology and packaging. Therefore, it enables Sanatanis to wholeheartedly trust products marked by this certification. 

Satvik Certification and The World

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Recently, the Satvik Certification has expanded its horizons to introduce the groundbreaking ‘Buddhist Codex‘ in Singapore. Thus, this concept of Sanatana Dharma-inspired production and packaging is being embraced beyond the borders of India. This move signifies the Satvik Certification Board’s commitment to certifying vegetarian and vegan food products, aligning with conscious and religious dietary choices.

Moreover, with an unwavering dedication to promoting wholesome dietary practices, the New Delhi-based firm is diligently crafting similar codes to launch in the United States and Canada soon. Abhishek Biswas, the founder of the Satvik Certification Board, plans to extend these codes to Indonesia in the near future. The burgeoning demand for Satvik-certified food options is projected to cater to approximately 1.9 billion individuals by 2030. Recently Mr. Biswas emphasized the rising global resonance of vegetarian and vegan diets. Thus, he predicts an unexplored market for Satvik Certification, through initiatives like the ‘Buddhist Codex.’

The firm, the council, and the concept are a pioneering force in the modern food industry. By championing this certification of vegetarian food, manufacturers are able to reassure customers of the delivery of healthful and trustworthy meals. As the realm of Satvik food expands globally, it continues to sow the seeds of Vedic well-being, ethical consumption, and harmonious coexistence with nature.

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