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Hindus of The World Unite

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BJP has failed the cause of Hindus, the communal violence in Haryana highlights immediate need for Hindus of the world to unite

Haryana is on the edge.

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The state has been rocked by communal violence directed against Hindus in its totality.

The cause-a rally taken out by Bajrang Dal and VHP in Muslim dominated district of Nuh.

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The rally was entirely peaceful and was intended to send a message of communal amity and solidarity to the world.

But alas, our Muslim brothers and sisters certainly did not take this in good humour.

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They certainly demonstrated their ‘peaceful’ intentions by stone-pelting the rally and violence there after.

So far, six people have died and hundreds more injured.

The situation was grim enough for over two thousand Hindus to take shelter in a temple.

Clearly, it demonstrates the ‘peaceful‘ intentions of the you-know-who community.

It is time that our co-religionists to do something about this.

BJP has Failed Hindus

The central and state government of Haryana were caught napping when Hindus were persecuted and hounded by their ‘peaceful’ counterparts in the course of the communal violence.

This clearly demonstrates that BJP has failed the cause of Hindus and Santani culture.

They have lost the moral ground to be called a party of Hindus.

Mobilisation is The Key

To save and perpetuate our Sanatani culture and traditions, we need to mobilize.

Unlike the ‘peaceful’ community, we need to do this differently. Not by brandishing arms but to spread the message of peace.

But if it comes to a question of existence, then in accordance with the principles of natural justice we will forced to adopt extra-constitutional means, like the one Netaji did in the developing the Azad Hind Fauj to combat the British rulers.

Where every and when ever our Sanatani brethren suffers due to atrocities, we must galvanise ourselves immediately.

Social Media is The Key

While intellectuals consider social media to be a platform for peddling hate narratives, I dare say that social media is a tool for mobilising Hindus.

Platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Quora, Instagram etc must be used to promote Indic causes, promote Hindu issues.

Dispelling Hinduphobia and raising awarness against atrocities of Hindus must be the crucial aspect of such social media usage.

Dismantling Secular Woke Culture

Unification of Hindus globally cannot happen without doing one thing.

The thing is dismantling this woke culture called secularism.

Secularism has brought for us Hindus nothing but a fear psychosis, inferiority complex and suffering.

There is an imperative need to dismantle this secular woke culture among Hindus themselves.

Exporting Hindutva

The last step for global Unification of Hindus is to export the principles of Hindutva.

Only it possesses the power to stop the rising tide of the abomination called Islamism.

Tales of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Chandragupta Vikramaditya, Maharana Pratap must be amplified throughout the World.

Both the valarous and tragic past of Hindus must be narrated on every platform possible to mobilize our people to develop the ‘Kshatriya spirit’.

Intellectuals like Vikram Sampath, J Sai Deepak, Sandeep Balakrishna must become global voices for the Hindutva and Hindu cause.

It, is, therefore imperative that since the state can’t guarantee our protection, so Hindus of the World must unite.

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