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Hinduism Vs Hateful Media

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It would appear that the 2024 elections in India have really rattled multiple media outlets like the BBC; or maybe it is really invested in the Indian cultural and political scenario, whilst avoiding the mess the world is in; or and this one is an interesting take, the West Liberal Cabal is threatened by the growing influence of the Hindus(or Hinduism) in India and around the world and this seems an opportune moment to hit them down by consequently publishing “hateful media” against them.

Bharat Gupt rightly put forth that The division of the present society is purely based on the voting benefits that the parties get.

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This superfluous politics is carried out to slander and smear Hindus and their forefathers as savage casteist who exploited and looked down on the weak. Such notions are promoted with zeal in order to create a false impression of Hinduism and our texts in particular. These petty notions are also exploited by Communists to split the uniting Hindus and create a message of animosity against one another.

Publications such as The Print have criticised the Shri Ramcharitamanas for promoting caste bias and “welcomed” the Gita Publication’s revisions for modifying the Text’s “discriminatory” connotation!

This great sacred poetic literatures of Sanatanis the Bhagavad Gita and the Shri Ramcharitamanas are not Simple texts, but the Word of Parameshwara himself – Bhagavad Gita By Lord Sri Krishna and The Shri Ramcharitmanas by Lord Maheswara, hence they are shruti themselves.

When it comes to accepting, there are primarily two categories of people: zealots and brokers of phoney media who attempt to find fault everywhere, rather than their own brain cells, and devotees who will believe both of them and prefer to listen to and read the glories of The Lord. That is the sole distinction.

Reading the texts is thought to have spiritual and psychic properties. It is supposed to aid in the development of devotion and a connection to God, as well as to expand knowledge and comprehension of Hinduism and to offer direction and inspiration for leading a good and moral life. Furthermore, the process of reading and repeating the text is thought to have a relaxing and meditative impact, aiding in stress reduction and overall mental well-being. It also allows for reflection on the story’s teachings and lessons, which may assist to enhance one’s own character and behaviour.

However this beautiful experience will forever be lost upon the fanatics of hatred but it is imperative that the Hindus remember this and be the torch bearers for their future generations. Let not these peddlers of improper learning and agendas win with their vile intentions against the Sanatan Dharma!




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