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MP Government’s Zero Tolerance: Accused Arrested, Houses Demolished In Hindu Assault Case

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The MP government responded swiftly to the incident involving six individuals who mistreated Vijay, subjecting him to degrading acts and assault. A distressing video of the incident gained widespread attention on social media. It provoked public outrage. The MP government took immediate action. They apprehended the accused within a span of 4-6 hours and invoked the National Security Act (NSA) against them. Furthermore, the government ordered the demolition of their houses.

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Prompt Action By The Madhya Pradesh Government

In response to the incident, the Madhya Pradesh police promptly registered a case against the six accused and apprehended three of them within 4-6 hours. This was as per the assurance given by the state Home Minister (HM), Narottam Mishra, to take action against the culprits within 24 hours.

On June 19, when the video came to light, the HM addressed the media and assured swift action. He instructed the Bhopal Police Commissioner, Harinarayanchari Mishra, to conduct an investigation and submit a report within 24 hours.

The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, also took note of the incident. He instructed the administration to take strict action against the guilty parties. It was reported that he ordered the administration to invoke the NSA against the six Muslim youths. Further an order to demolish their alleged illegal residences was issued.

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Following the arrest of the accused, Home Minister Narottam Mishra highlighted that such incidents are a result of the abhorrent criminal mindset of the perpetrators. The government will take stringent action to demonstrate that such acts will not be tolerated.

Victim’s Account And The Incident

According to Vijay’s police complaint, the incident occurred on June 9 when he was returning from a wedding with his friends. The police confirmed that the incident took place in the Tila Jamalpura area of Bhopal.

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Vijay alleged that he was ambushed by Bilal Tila, Faizan Lala, Sahil Bachha, Mohammad Sameer Tila, and Mufid Khan. They kidnapped him, confiscated his mobile phones and scooter keys. Then they took him to Gautam Nagar’s PGBT College. At the college, Faizan and Sahil tied a belt around his neck while Sameer, Bilal, Mufid. Sahil subjected him to physical assault. They also stole approximately 700-800 rupees from him.

Furthermore, Vijay claimed that the six individuals forced him to make statements like “Sameer is my father, Fazil is my father, I’ll convert to Islam.” He further alleged that they coerced him to consume meat and convert to Islam while threatening to rape his mother and sister. They based it on their misguided perception of his supposed cowardice.

The Madhya Pradesh Police filed charges against the six accused under relevant sections, including the Religious Freedom Act and NSA. Additionally, their houses were demolished. In response to the video going viral, activists from Bajrang Dal staged a protest outside Tila Jamalpura police station, demanding the immediate arrest of the guilty parties.

Incidents like this raise concerns about the safety of Hindus in a country where they are in the majority.

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  1. These cases are happening in a Hindu majority country. Imagine the areas where demographic changes have already occurred like Mallapuram, where muslims after being in majority wanted the girl’s marriage age to be reduced to 16 and then the government also came out with a proposal to pass this disgraceful demand of muslims. Imagine what will happen in this country if muslims get into majority!

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