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Latest on ‘Anyay’ Yatra: Debunking RaGa’s Income Tax and GST Myths

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RaGa is busy spreading myths and misinformation on Income Tax and GST during his BJ Anyay Yatra! His recent comments about 70% of underprivileged should demand their rights have many holes. He is using his BJ Anyay Yatra to present GST as a burden on the common man. Thereafter, he projects his myths about how the SC, ST, and OBC must demand fair compensation for their income tax contribution.

RaGa’s misrepresentation of GST figures has birthed many memes! However, his myths on Bharat’s taxation system have sparked debates about the financial contributions of different social groups. Let’s take a deeper look at IT data that reveals a more nuanced picture than what Rahul Gandhi’s limited cognition portrays.

Dispelling Misconceptions: Income Tax and Taxpayer Representation

Income Tax Payers Data: People earning less than 2.5 lakh constitute 57% of taxpayers: Govt data | India Business News - Times of India
PC Times of India

Contrary to popular narratives, the available statistics on the caste census do not directly correlate with RaGa’s understanding of IT contributions. Bharat is home to 45% OBC, 19% SC, and 11% ST. The government has many provisions to safeguard its fiscal independence. However, the BJ Anyay Yatra encourages these sections to demand more benefits and rights solely based on these percentages. Rahul Gandhi’s baffling brain waves overlook certain crucial facts and figures related to Bharat’s finances.

AY 2023-24 saw 6.77 crore file income ITRs. Most of them were eligible for nil taxation. Thus, as per reports only 1-2% of the total population of Bharat actually pay income tax. Even FM Nirmala Sitharaman’s presentation in the parliament highlighted that while taxation compliance has increased from 2019-20 to 2022-23, a significant proportion of tax filers have zero tax incidence. In 2022-23, out of 7.4 crore people who filed ITRs, 70% had zero tax liability. This means that in 2022-23 only about 2.24 crore people, or 1.6% of the total population, paid income tax. 

These figures show that a large part of Bharat’s total tax collection comes from approximately 2% of its earning population. Therefore, politicians should stop targeting tax-payers to win over the poor or underprivileged!!! The honest tax-payer supports the nation’s growth without blinking an eye. Moreover, not all incomes come under the taxation slabs. Certain incomes of SC, ST, and OBC are free of tax to encourage financial growth in this section of society. Therefore, one must question RaGa’s real motive in propagating taxation related myths. Is he attempting to showcase the honest taxpayer, who supports the economy irrespective of his caste, as a demon to the underprivileged? Has his attempt to play the Messiah of the underdog lost all sense of understanding or reason?!  

The Reality of Tax Contribution and Representation

Figures show that only a small percentage of Indians contribute to income tax. However, this revenue is a drop in the bucket of the broader tax revenues. The Goods and Services Tax or the GST contributes substantially to the government’s coffers. It accounted for about 28% of India’s total tax collections in 2022-23. This tax is common to all Indians, anyone making a purchase pays this tax, which goes to both the state and central governments. 

Collecting the same GST from all Indians is a small step towards social equality. While Income tax slabs vary concerning money earned by individuals, GST remains fiscally and socially neutral.

Be it Adani, Ambani, or the common man; everyone pays the same tax to the government on purchase. However, in the twisted lanes of RaGa’s mental corridors, this equality in GST is a bad thing! He wants GST to also vary with respect to income!!! How will his unimaginable and impractical proposition be implemented? Will a buyer have to register each purchase with his PAN card to know the payable GST on sale??? The chaos-loving CON party seems happy in its ignorance of finance!    

Exploiting Caste Politics 

Rahul Gandhi is hell-bent on inciting unrest in the SC, ST, and OBC sections using income tax structures!

His caste politics rhetorics can effectively break the united Hindu vote! Projecting  ‘Shoshan’ for not the underprivileged not receiving additional dues based on income tax or GST is a misleading concept. He is using taxes as the boogeyman that attacks Indians on the basis of their caste status! India’s double taxation system is a burden on the 2% of actual taxpayers. This small section pays on purchases as well as on income. However, this section of society buckles down and works hard to ensure the growth of the nation. Instead of looking for relief for these honest workers, RaGa is going GaGa over caste politics.

A layman’s understanding of Bharat’s tax system and data is a must for all. Otherwise, politicians like MP Rahul will use the ghosts of GST or income tax slabs to haunt your dreams! Myths and misconceptions spread by RaGa and his cabal may be hilarious but are more insidious than you know. His portrayal of taxpayers and social representation has the ability to poison the naive. If his ideas take root, Bharat’s Hindu vote will be divided in the 2024 general elections. Therefore, it is imperative to counter his myths at every turn.

Do not be the fool who takes RaGa’s word as gospel truth. Moreover, do not allow others to be fooled into believing his half-truths as hard facts. Let the 2024 general elections be a fair fight for Bharat’s right to leave its nay-sayers behind. May those that protect the majority of Bharat be chosen by them as well. Until then let’s keep a close eye on RaGa’s attempts to pull the wool over the gullible Indians in his BJ Anyay Yatra!

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