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Highlights of PM Modi’s Farewell Speech: Return of Stolen Antiquities, Tech Collaboration, and Investment Opportunities

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The Indian diaspora in an impressive event held at the Ronald Reagan Centre in Washington DC on Friday bid farewell to by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The United States Indian Community Foundation (USICF) exclusively organized the event, which served as the culmination of PM Modi’s three-day State visit to the United States.

PM Modi's White House visit: 'Our partnership with India is one of our most consequential relations,' says US State Dept - BusinessToday
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During his address, Prime Minister Modi expressed heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming warmth and support he received from the American people. He attributed the success of his visit to the strong bond between the two nations and highlighted the extensive discussions he had with President Biden, which showcased their shared commitment to taking the India-US partnership to greater heights.

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H-1B Visa

Undoubtedly, the India-US relationship has grown stronger over the years, evident in the robust defense cooperation, technology transfers, and increased collaboration on strategic issues. Prime Minister Modi emphasized the significance of these achievements and the positive impact they have had on both nations.

In an encouraging move, PM Modi announced that the US State Department is actively working on a pilot program that would allow Indian professionals working in the US on H-1B visas to renew their visas without having to leave the country. This development aims to streamline the visa renewal process and provide greater convenience to Indian workers.

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Another exciting development came in the form of the announcement of new American consulates in Bengaluru and Ahmedabad. These consulates will further enhance bilateral ties and facilitate smoother interactions between the two nations.

Return Of Stolen Antiquities

On a significant note, Prime Minister Modi expressed his delight at the decision of the American government to return more than 100 antiquities that were stolen from India and illicitly circulated in international markets.

PM Modi evoked gratitude and appreciation for this gesture of returning the cultural heritage items to their rightful place.

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Drawing attention to India’s remarkable digital revolution, PM Modi emphasized the nation’s resurgence in embracing technological advancements. He highlighted how years of colonization had eroded the belief in India’s ability to lead in the technological arena. However, India has now reclaimed its rightful place as a driver of digital innovation.

Invitation To Entrepreneurs

Moreover, PM Modi extended an earnest invitation to entrepreneurs in the United States, urging them to invest in India. He cited the recent commitments made by renowned companies like Google, Micron, and Applied Materials to make substantial investments in India as a testament to the country’s potential as an investment destination. PM Modi recognized the bilateral trade partnership between India and the US and emphasized that the true potential of this relationship is yet to be fully explored.

Concluding his speech, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the technology collaboration between India and the US as a catalyst for progress. He emphasized that while the governments of both nations have laid the groundwork, it is now the responsibility of businesses, manufacturers, and innovators to seize the opportunities and foster growth on this foundation.

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