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Woman’s Dignity Ravaged By ‘Peacefuls’

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Islam doesn’t provide any rights to women, a woman’s dignity ravaged by ‘peacefuls’ is another reminder that this community will never civilize themselves

In a horrifying incident a woman belonging to the Dalit community was drugged, raped and forced to eat beef by two Muslim men and a Muslim woman.

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This incident took place in the Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh.

The accused, identified as Shoaib, a Bachelor of Pharma student and Nazim, who works as a barber, also filmed the act and blackmailed the survivor, demanding Rs 5 lakh.

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The survivor lodged a complaint with the police.

To make the incident worse, her female Muslim friend Shifat Ansari was also involved in this ghastly incident.

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It was Shifat Ansari who forced the survivor to eat beef.

Strict Action Against Peacefuls

The Uttar Pradesh police booked the three accused under sections of rape, criminal intimidation, assault, and other sections.

They were booked under the SC-ST Act(Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes, 1989). The police detained the accused following the FIR.

They have been incarcerated and are currently in jail.

‘Peacefuls’ Pose The Gravest Threat

The members of the peaceful community pose the gravest threat to non-Muslim women.

While Muslim women under Islam have some rights whatsoever under the religion, the situation is graver for women who are non-Muslims.

Position Of Non-Muslim Women In Islam

Nonie Darwish, an Egyptian-American author is an ex-Muslim and is a staunch critic of Islam.

She has in her book Cruel & Usual Punishment has highlighted that non-Islamic women are regarded as sub-humans.

She went to further delve into the topic in some detail.

In the process she articulated that terror groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda are doing what the important scriptures of Islam have prescribed.

Non-Muslim women are treated as objects of gratification in that religion.

The tragic tale of Nadia Murad is a reminder that non-Muslim women must never expect any dignified treatment.

This is as far as Islam & the Shariat is concerned.

It is high time the people of Sanatan Dharma take all steps necessary to prevent such incidents from happening.

Community policing and vigilance will help prevent any other woman’s dignity being ravaged by ‘peacefuls’.



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