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The Menace Called Islam

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Islam is the main menace in Europe, it is wrecking havoc in the continent

Europe is burning. France, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Spain inter alia are all suffering from the scourge and menace of Islam.

Following the accidental fatal shooting of a 17-year old teenager of North African descent. Islamist rioters in France are running amok.

They have in a frenzy which resembles nothing but militant middle age barbarism burnt down the largest public library in France’s Marseille province.

The government of Emmanuel Macron has cracked the whip. Hundreds of rioters have been arrested, even as a state of tension prevails in Europe’s second largest economy. Also, the government of France has banned protests.

Tourists had to be evacuated, schools, colleges, restaurants all had to be evacuated.

While the teenager who was shot dead by a French police officer for driving a car having a Polish license plate is indeed tragic; nothing justifies the action of the rioters and their religious bigotry.

Islam-Anti European to the Core

Islam which originated in Arabia some 1400 years ago is undoubtedly the world’s most controversial and conflict ridden religion.

It’s values are anti-European and anti-western to the core.

It never tolerates dissent, individualism, sexual and institutional autonomy. The Shariat- the Islamic personal law mandated by the holy book for Muslims- the Quran demands obedience in letter and spirit.

There is no question of deviating from its norms and principles.

Robert Spencer in The Critical Quran argues that heresy and apostasy in Islam is punishable with death.

Same goes the case with homosexuality. In fact, Islamic countries like Pakistan, Libya, Nigeria etc. have a mind numbing track record of punishing homosexuality.

Europe cherishes liberation, freedom of thought and speech, laicism and right of every individual to profess their religion. This was one of the outcomes of the Protestant reformation accompanied by the enlightenment.

France- The Biggest Victim

Among all European countries, France has emerged as the biggest victim of Islamic extremism and terrorism.

Interestingly, Muslims constitute the second largest population among the French. France which historically have championed the values of liberty, equality and fraternity in the 1789 French revolution and has been the bastion of free thinking and intellectual debate is suffering.

In this context, it is very clear that a spade must be called a spade. France has been the biggest sufferer of Islamic violence.

Be it the Charlie Hebdo massacre of 2015 or the recent rioting by the extremists, France is burning.

Muslims (majority) in France have never recognized & accepted the cardinal French values and have refused to reform themselves.

On top of that, Muslim immigrants, from other countries have been wrecking havoc on the social fabric of France and other European countries.

Clash of Civilizations

It is, therefore, very clear that with the current trajectory of events a showdown between Christendom and Islam won’t be a distant possibility.

What happens in France today, will continue to happen in Europe on a further aggravated scale tomorrow.

Be under no illusion, Europe is in a state of war with the “you-know-who” religion.



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