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Moscow Concert Hall Massacre: A ‘Peaceful’ ISIS Friday?!

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Too busy dealing with enemies outside, it seems Moscow forgot about the enemies within. Russia’s focus was on winning the Ukraine War. This war has plunged Europe into an energy crisis and a moral dilemma that conflicts with their Deep State agenda. Ukraine and Zelensky have been unable to affect Russia in any significant manner. Social Media, UNO, NATO, etc. have all failed in the face of the Russian offensive.

Thus, losing the battle to President Putin was a foregone conclusion. The only thing the world awaited was the when and the how. However, amidst all of this, the bustling city of Moscow was plunged into darkness and despair as ISIS gunmen unleashed terror during a concert at the Crocus City Hall. This horrifying attack left scores dead and many more injured. As Russia deals with the aftermath of this tragedy, questions arise about the possible connections between ISIS’s terrorism and Ukraine’s underhanded techniques to hurt Russia on home ground! Let’s discuss.

Moscow Suffers A Night of ‘Peaceful’ Horror

Moscow shooting: Islamic State says it carried out gun attack that left at least 60 dead at concert | World News | Sky News
PC Sky News

Ramadan is the holy month for Muslims. However, we know that any attack on enemies of Islam is rewarded at least 10-700 times during this month of fasting. Therefore, ‘peaceful’ radicals are extremely active all over the world. Russia also bore the brunt of this One-book religion. This fateful Friday night, ISIS gunmen stormed into the Crocus City Hall, where a concert by Piknic was set to begin. Clad in camouflage attire, they launched a ruthless assault on concertgoers.

Moscow Concert Attack Live Updates | Shooting and Fire Reported as Crowd Seen Fleeing| Russia| IN18L - YouTube
PC YouTube @CNBC TV18

Their barrage of gunfire, hurled grenades or bombs claimed the lives of 80 and counting. More than 100 Russians were hurt by this unprovoked and unexpected attack! The once-joyous atmosphere turned into a scene of chaos and carnage thanks to a few trigger-happy Islamists for hire! 

ISIS: Claims, Speculation, and Suspicions

In the wake of the massacre, speculation and suspicions ran rampant. The motives behind the attack are unknown as yet. The Afghan branch of ISIS called ISIS-K claims responsibility for this deadly attack. Why? They don’t like President Putin and Russia’s interference in Syria. They have previously attacked the Russian embassy in Kabul. Russia helps the Assad regime to keep Syria from the US-supported deep-state chaos!

Moscow's War in Syria

The payback for sending Russian troops to Syria was the USA’s attempt to pull Ukraine into NATO. This attempt led to the geopolitical tensions culminating in the Ukraine-Russia War. Thus, this branch of the Islamic State’s claim of responsibility raises eyebrows. It hints at how ISIS-K may be hired by Ukrainian-sympathetic forces to stir up trouble on Russian soil. It may also hint at how ISIS-K may be the pet of the USA’s deep state that it conveniently uses against its enemies!! Therefore, the Moscow Concert Hall attack has possible connections to a larger global conflict. Was it a form of another proxy war against Russia? Some analysts suggest so.

However, another darker suspicion takes form among the think tanks of the world. Some analysts state that Russia had pointed out the presence of ISIS in Ukraine two months ago! The Moscow attack leads some to speculate that maybe Ukraine’s hands are soiled with innocent civilian blood. Also, do these extrapolations point to the suspicion that enemies of Russia are friends with ISIS???!   

Moscow Concert Hall Attack: Connecting the Dots

What we know about the site of the Moscow terrorist attack
PC azerbycan24

Investigators comb through the wreckage of the concert hall to piece together evidence. All of it points to possible links between the attackers and external actors seeking to destabilize Russia. The timing of the attack, coming just days after President Putin’s electoral victory, is suspicious. Moreover, heightened global tensions with two ongoing war fronts fuel speculation about ulterior motives and hidden agendas.

In the aftermath of the massacre, leaders and officials from around the world condemned the act of terror. Many express solidarity with Russia in its time of grief. However, most analysts predict a bloody retaliation by President Putin for hurting his people. This attack is the worst seen since 2004’s Beslan school siege. Leaders and geopolitical specialists state that tensions will run high and Russian justice will be brutal and swift!

Moscow Attack; PM Modi Sends Message To Putin; India, Arabs, Hamas Stand With Russia | U.S. Says... - YouTube
PC YouTube @Hindustan Times

The Moscow concert hall massacre shows that common people pay the price when terrorism interacts with geopolitics. As Russia grapples with the aftermath of this horrific attack, the watches with bated breath! What will be the next move by President Putin? Completely annihilate Ukraine or go after ISIS ‘peacefuls’? Treacherous tides are predicted in the waters of international relations. Hopefully, ISIS and its branches will suffer for promoting terror in the name of faith in the world. Maybe Russia will succeed with everyone else has failed! Let’s see if President Putin can deliver the world from the grip of Islamic terrorism. The road ahead is fraught with uncertainty and peril, let’s pray in solidarity for Russia to emerge stronger from this dark chapter in its history.

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