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Love in the Times of Jihad: Bengaluru Muslim takes on Fake Identity to Dupe Hindu Woman

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Recent news from Karnataka showcases the ability of Muslim men to dupe Hindu women on dating websites. In Bengaluru, a Muslim man named Mudasir took on the Hindu identity and named himself Anirudh on Bumble, a dating app. His identity fraud was successful in establishing a physical relationship with a Hindu woman. The man also duped the woman out of ₹1 lakh during the course of the relationship. This may also be considered a successful LoveJihad, as it trod on the beliefs of a Hindu woman and conned her out of her dignity and money. This type of con as love in the times of jihad by Muslims is rampant evil in modern society.

LoveJihad’s New Face: The Bengaluru Con

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The accused Mudasir contacted a Hindu woman on a dating app called Bumble in Bengaluru. He introduced himself as Anirudh, a Hindu man. They began a relationship through the online app. Their chats and conversations led to a deeper relationship between them. Thereafter, the couple frequently met on dates. Later they shared physical intimacy on numerous occasions on the promise of marriage.

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At a certain point in their time together he started to imply his urgent need for finances under the pretext of an ailing mother in the UK.

The naïve Hindu woman willingly parted with the sum of ₹1 lakh to support her ‘Hindu’ partner in his time of need. Soon Mudasir, aka Anirudh, purported the lie of his mother’s death and his need to visit his brother in Dubai. 

This was the last time Mudasir contacted the woman. His phone number stopped working and his brother’s number turned out to be fake. The woman’s social media search for ‘Anirudh’ led her to ‘Mudasir’, a married Muslim man. She filed a case at the Amruthahalli police station. The police traced the man based on his call records and placed him under arrest. Mudasir was booked for cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property under Section 420. Currently, the police are trying to trace if he has duped other women in a similar fashion. 

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The Con of Love in the Times of Jihad

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‘Love in the Times of Jihad’ is a con run by Islamists against naïve Hindu women. This con leads women down the path of loss of dignity, loss of money, or loss of life. The vulnerable Hindu women often fall for false promises made by fraudsters; thereby, allowing the relationship to develop into physical closeness on the promise of marriage. However, such promises and physical intimacy usually take the well-trodden path of LoveJihad and the religious conversion of Hindu women. If these cons are unsuccessful in their agenda of conversion, they either blackmail the woman or instigate violence against her that may lead to her death. 

Hindu women hide their insecurity under secularism. Their fear of the patriarchy and misused orthodox concepts in Hinduism make them vulnerable to the modern concept of love. Hindus need to refresh their outlook toward the outcomes of modern relationships in relation to the traditional belief systems that have been in place for thousands of years. The West is a prime example of a failing society that embraced modern principles. However, Hindus must also refresh their understanding of Hinduism. They must develop a deeper comprehension of Hindu principles, traditions, and philosophy. The orthodox misogyny that misrepresents the Hindu identity and the oppressive Hindu patriarchy shall always steer women toward the predators. The cons of love in the times of jihad agenda is only successful due to the inability of Hindus to connect with their roots and religion of birth. 

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