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The West is in Terminal Decline

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Therefore is little doubt that the West is in terminal decline, it is in such a state that consensus building on important issues becomes difficult

The West or the Occident considered itself to be the centre of global civilization for the past five hundred years.

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This was especially after the Enlightenment, but they have been bluffing.

It is now amply clear that the West is in terminal decline. The institutionalization of a society unravelling takes time, it takes years and decades to happen.

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For the West the decline has been somewhat swift in the last few years, if not decades.

What are the parameters of such decline?

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Just look at the Euro-American society today.

They are experiencing a crisis on an issue as basic and as fundamental as gender.

Don’t call me he/she, call me they. The forced imposition of non-binary gender identities on teenagers has literally torn apart the fabric of Euro-American society.

So much so that even rivals like China and Russia is laughing at the US and Europeans for the mess they made on the issue of gender.

On top of that there is the debauch culture of live-in, promiscuity of every possible kind runs in the interstices of the European youth today.

No family values, no reverence for elders, no regard for societal values. I, me and myself is the only norm that the Americans and Europeans are preaching today.


In terms of Geopolitics, the West is in decline. Notwithstanding the financial and military power of the US, it’s geopolitical influence has declined precipitously in the last one decade.

The hallmark? the cowardly exit from Afghanistan and leaving thousands of innocent Afghan men, women and children in the lurch.

As for Europeans, they are geopolitically much less a significant player than they were some decades back.


Religion acts as a strong socio-cultural force in any society. Today, the European youth population is turning increasingly atheist.

To compound matters further, they aren’t able to ensure the security of their own country when it comes to protecting themselves and their families from invaders belonging to a particular community.

India, Brazil, South Korea are the emerging players who are increasing their prowess one by one.

Hence, it is very clear that the West is in terminal decline.

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