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‘I am NOT Malala Yousafzai’: Yana Mir Celebrates British Award

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Yana Mir celebrated her success by proclaiming proudly ‘I am NOT Malala’! This young journalist hails from Bharat’s Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Her change of heart is reflected in her statements during a recent event at the British Parliament. Now, her words echo of sentiments showcasing empowerment of Kashmiris under BJP! Additionally, she has become a ‘spokeperson’ for the truth on the transformative changes brought about by PM Modi and the BJP’s abrogation of Article 370. Let’s discuss the impact of Yana Mir’s changing stance, positive praise of the BJP, and the empowerment of J&K!

Yana Mir Talks of An Empowered Jammu and Kashmir

ഞാൻ മലാല യൂസഫ്‌സായി അല്ല, ആകാനും പോകുന്നില്ല; ഭാരതത്തിൽ ഞാൻ സ്വതന്ത്രയും സുരക്ഷിതയുമാണ്: യുകെ പാർലമെൻ്റിൽ കശ്മീരി മാദ്ധ്യമപ്രവർത്തക യാന ...
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An event organized by the Jammu Kashmir Study Centre, UK (JKSC), commemorated ‘Sankalp Divas’ or Resolution Day. The day is meant to mark the Indian government’s steadfast commitment to ensuring the territorial integrity of J&K. At this august occasion, Yana Mir was honored with the Diversity Ambassador Award. The young journalist accepted the award with change of heart very similar to Shehla Rashid!

Instead of critiquing the right-wing, her changed words affirm her unwavering allegiance to her homeland, Bharat, and her love for J&K! The new Mir boldly declares her freedom and safety under PM Modi’s administration in India. Moreover, her address particularly spoke of Kashmir’s growth under the BJP rule. Yana (V 2.0) proudly spoke of her brand new conviction that Kashmir is an integral part of India.

In a rousing statement to draw a poignant contrast, Yana states “I am NOT Malala Yousafzai…….. I will never have to run from my homeland and seek refuge in your country.”

She specifies that this freedom to live in harmony is completely due to the BJP’s abrogation of Article 370. Although Yana does not deny Malala’s harrowing ordeal in Pakistan, she uses the comparison to emphasize her own privilege of not having to flee her homeland due to threats of violence or oppression. Like Shehla Rashid she is probably realizes that being a minority in Bharat is not bad thing!  

Malala Yousafzai suffered a journey from a victim of Taliban violence to a global advocate for human rights and girls’ education. She was the first Pashtun to receive a Nobel Prize for her humanitarian efforts. Unfortunately, Malala is unwelcome in her country and had to seek refuge in the UK to safegaurd her life. Thus, Yana Mir’s words draws a powerful parallel between herself and Malala. They are a testament to the progress and security enjoyed by all individuals in J&K irrespective of their religion.

Who is Yana Mir? Kashmir YouTuber's 'I am not a Malala' speech in UK Parliament goes
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The Mir V2.0 criticized all those nay-sayers who demonize the abrogation of Article 370. Like Shehla Rashid, it took a Gazan war and a Ukraine war for Mir to appreciate Bharat’s strategy on Kashmir. Now, she stands unashamedly in favor of complete integration of J&K with Bharat. Consequently, she heaps praise on the current BJP government, whose actions ensured that Kashmiri youths have a voice and a choice. Additionally, Yana lauds the Indian Army and its tireless efforts in deradicalizing Kashmiri youth. From providing opportunities in sports to increasing access to education, Yana’s words underscore the transformation of J&K under Modi Sarkar and the Indian Army! Isnt’ this a change of tune from her previous attitude???!!! 

Impact of Yana Mir’s Statement on Bharat’s Territorial Integrity

Kashmir's Yana Mir felicitated with the Diversity Ambassador Award at UK Parliament - Only Kashmir
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The event in the UK Parliament witnessed the truth of J&K straight from the horse’s mouth! Additionally, it saw several participants reaffirming Bharat’s right to reclaim the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir or PoK region. These affirmations and statements highlight the unwavering resolve of India and its government in defending the nation’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Yana Mir presence before 100 dignitaries, which included UK Parliamentarians, local councilors, and community leaders stands as a testament to BJP’s commitment to progress. Her change of heart is evident for all to witness! Even a staunch right-wing critic like her feels liberated from the stifled restrictions and alienation of Article 370. 

The conflict-plagued world prefers to see strife in every political action by the BJP in India. However, Yana Mir’s about face on J&K, BJP, and other issues serves as a mirror to these propagandists. They shine the light on the fact that misinformation campaigns against Bharat cannot win against hard truths! A future of peace, inclusivity, and progress awaits Jammu and Kashmir under the BJP rule. May the people of this region embrace such a future with open arms and an attitude!

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