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France Uses Heavy Security To Safeguard Easter Celebrations!

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France is paying for accepting Deep State’s ‘Open Borders Policy’! The last year saw wild riots along with attempts by President Macron to de-radicalize its rising Islamic migrants. However, it seems that all the pretense of ‘friendly’ France is all for naught!

France finds itself on the frontline of the global battle against terrorism, most of which comes from within. This Easter the French churches stood under the shadow of looming threats from radicals. Thereby, requiring an unprecedented amount of security measures. Let’s talk about the deployment of thousands of police and anti-terror soldiers outside churches in this once-safe country! 

France Takes Strong Measure To Protect Easter Celebrations

France to patrol every church for Easter security: Minister
PC Al Arabiya

France’s Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanin, announced that 13,500 security personnel were to be deployed to safeguard 4,530 churches during the Easter weekend.

This extraordinary measure underscores the persistent threat of radicals faced by the country, especially in the wake of recent attacks claimed by Jihadist groups. The heightened security alert shows how deep the problem runs in the nation. The need for the presence of law enforcement highlights that Christians in France felt unsafe with the rising number of radical Muslim immigrants in the country. Despite the government’s commitment to defang the arriving immigrants and ensuring the safety of its citizens, Easter celebrations were no less than a military operation in France! Is this the future of Christian gathering gatherings in the nations? Are the immigrants so out of control that professional security needs to be engaged?

Open Borders Policy Ruined France?

French security forces to guard every church over Easter
PC The National

France’s internal security woes are deeply intertwined with its Open Borders Policy. The EU allowed an unchecked influx of Muslim migrants. Thereafter, the kitten glove approach allowed these radicals to grow confident and rowdy.

Last year France saw several riots thanks to its Muslim migrants!

These migrants form a minority in the nation. However, they refuse to integrate into the French society. Thereby, becoming a force of internal terror where extremist ideologies flourish. The consequence of being a Deep State stooge is that France’s Christian majority needs protection from its Muslim migrants who are now legal citizens of the nation. Moreover, the rise of jihadist attacks and radical riots has almost pushed this nation’s society to collapse. As a long-time victim of ‘peaceful’ Islamists, Bharat can surely identify where the nation is headed.

Points to Ponder

Open borders for a sustainable future | openDemocracy

The once-idyllic notion of multiculturalism has morphed into a nightmare for France. The majority Christian population lives under constant fear of Islamist threats. EU’s Open Borders Policy stands exposed as the ‘Great Replacement Game’ played at the expense of its citizens. This once hailed as a symbol of tolerance and acceptance is unmasked as a a grave security risk. However, instead of urgently reevaluating it, all EU nations are dedicating resources to continuing this ridiculous theme.

Last year the French government called all rioters French Nationalists. As if he could not see the Algerian and Moroccan flags being hoisted? As if he could not hear the Islamic chant for the blood of French nationals? Cut to Easter 2024, French Christians and churches need armed protection! 

Thus, the reality of France is the future of all who spout multiculturalism and inclusivity theories. Bharat has faced the very same under the name of communism and secularism. All these big words mean only one thing – ‘Appeasement’! It is an invitation for the radicals to run unchecked and destroy everything in their wake! France’s state calls for introspection on the policies that have contributed to the current state of affairs. Let’s hope the West realizes the monster they have created in the form of Open Borders POlicy. If not, the fires of radicalism and lawlessness will soon engulf them!

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