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NEET 2024: Students Demand Justice While Congress Spreads Misinformation

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The National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test  or NEET 2024 is making news everyday. Students are demanding answers and accountability on allegations of irregularities and re-test. The controversy centers around grace marks awarded of grace marks to 1,563 students and the speculations of paper leak.

The results of this test came out on 4th June 2024, and since then all stakeholders are requesting the Supreme Court, the National Testing Agency (NTA), and the Government of India to correct any errors in the name of fairness! Let’s explore the first challenge NDA faces that occurred even before they took oath of service!

Students and Petitions Against NEET 2024 Results

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  • The controversy began with three major petitions highlighting different aspects of the alleged irregularities. Alakh Pandey, CEO of Physics Wallah, argued that the NTA’s decision to award grace marks was arbitrary. He bases his claims on the feedback from approximately 20,000 students. He says that an alogortihm approved by the SC was for a different exam. It should not be used in NEET 2024. In some interviews he also talks about the Bihar police case where a paper leak is suspected. However, NTA has denied the allegations of paper leak.
  • The second petition is filed by Students Islamic Organisation (SIO) members Abdullah Mohammed Faiz and Dr. Shaik Roshan Mohiddin. They are highlighting the statistical improbability of 61 ( excluding the grace marks candidates) high achievers in comparison to the previous years. They allege irregularities in testing or marking by the NTA. However, the NTA states that a larger number of students gave NEET 2024. Thus, a larger number of aspirants gained high marks.
  • The third petition is from NEET candidate Jaripiti Kartheek. He has challenged the fairness of the “normalization formula” used to award grace marks. He argued that it was an unfair compensation for lost time during the exam. However, the NTA is using the formula approved by SC. Thus, the grace marks could only be canceled by the approval of SC. However, the Supreme Court has taken back the grace marks granted to 1,563 students.

Supreme Court’s Stance On NEET 2024

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The Supreme Court has taken into consideration the aspirations of lakhs of students. Three petitions sought the cancellation of the NEET 2024 test due to alleged anomalies.The petitioner’s argument on grace marks was given due credence. Why? Because a large number of students feel that the statistically improbable high scores should not be granted in the name of grace. However, the NTA did not invent an arbitrary formula. The grace marks were awarded as per a previous formula approved by the SC for CLAT exam! Moreover, the students who got grace marks were granted the same due to proven delays and two correct answer choices for physics questions.

However, to calm the rising student dissatisfaction, the Supreme Court ordered a retest for 1,563 students who were given grace marks

But the admissions and counseling process will not be halted!

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Currently, the retest is scheduled for 23rd June 2024, and its results will be announced on 30th June 2024. The SC stipulated that any of these candidates opt out of the retest. In such a case, their previous marks, excluding the grace marks, will be used for admission purposes. However, a section of students are demanding a complete retest for all students. The SC continues to attempt at balancing the need for fairness with the practicalities of admissions timelines.

NTA Measures And The Government’s Response

The NTA, which conducts the NEET exam, is facing significant scrutiny for its handling of the 2024 exam. In response to the controversy, the Government has taken steps to address the issues. Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has emphasized the Government’s commitment to transparency and fairness.

Initially an expert committee was formed by the NTA to review the situation, leading to the application of the grace mark rule.

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However, after realizing that some students received perfect scores, further action was deemed necessary. The decision to offer a retest is intended to provide a fair chance to those who experienced time loss during the exam due to logistical issues at certain centers.

Congress Tries To Weaponize Students? 

The Congress party has leveraged the NEET 2024 controversy to criticize the BJP government. Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, Jairam Ramesh, and other leaders have accused the government of jeopardizing the future of millions of students. They even question why the result was deliberately released earlier.

Priyanka Gandhi went on front foot to attack the newly formed NDA government. She supports a student on social media. This girl claimed she could get a score of 715 marks but her result was withheld. The girl goes on to claim that the NTA sent her a photograph of her OMR sheet to state that her sheet was torn resulting in withholding of result. However, the NTA has publicly discredited the claim stating that no torn OMR was received and the student who made these tall claims scored 315.

Thus, it seems that either the Congress was spreading lies on NEET 2024 by manufacturing allegations on the system. Or that they were instrumentally used by this girl to spread fake news on NTA. However, this shows that INDI-Alliance and Congress are using the student for political maneuvering. They are spreading misinformation and using grievances of the public to create an atmosphere of fear among students. And they are preparing a narrative of injustice in the nation.

Ensuring Fairness and Integrity

The steps taken by the Supreme Court, NTA, and the Government demonstrate a commitment to fairness and integrity in the examination process. The youth are not abandoned in Bharat, they are guided and supported. By offering a retest and maintaining transparent communication, the authorities aim to restore trust among students and parents. All cases of misrepresntation or malpractice will be met with severe punishments. Moreover, the upcoming retest and subsequent counseling process will be closely monitored to ensure that justice is served for all candidates.

NEET 2024 has highlighted the challenges and complexities of administering a fair and transparent examination process in India. While political parties like Congress have used the situation to advance their agendas, the actions taken by the Supreme Court and the Government aim to uphold the principles of justice and fairness. Thus, as the petitions are answered one by one, Bharat is waiting for a complete inquiry into the allegations to ensure that the future medical community is safeguarded.

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