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“Keep Water Handy on June 4th” – Prashant Kishor vs Karan Thapar

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The heated exchange between political strategist Prashant Kishor and veteran journalist Karan Thapar over alleged predictions about Congress’s performance in the 2022 Himachal Pradesh elections has ignited a social media firestorm. Prashant Kishor ‘s audacious response, suggesting his critics should keep plenty of water handy on June 4th, has captured the nation’s attention, fueling intense discussions and meme-worthy moments.

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The Viral Interview

During their interview, Thapar questioned Kishor about his purported predictions of a Congress rout in the Himachal Pradesh elections. However, Kishor vehemently denied making such statements, challenging Thapar to provide video evidence to substantiate his claims. As the tension escalated, Kishor repeatedly demanded proof, dismissing online news articles as insufficient.

Kishor’s Defiant Stance

Kishor, visibly agitated, asserted, “If I have said Congress will be routed in Himachal in 2022, I am saying on camera on record I will quit what I do.” He refused to accept text-based reports, asserting, “Newspapers can publish anything, but I challenge anyone to show where I have uttered such words.”

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The Water Challenge

Responding to the viral interview, Kishor took to social media with a bold statement: “Drinking water is good as it keeps both mind and body hydrated. “Keep plenty of water handy on June 4th if my assessment of the outcome of this election has rattled you.” This cryptic remark has ignited speculation and memes galore.

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Revisiting Past Predictions

While Kishor denies making specific predictions about Congress’s performance in Himachal Pradesh, he had previously expressed skepticism about the party’s prospects. In May 2022, he tweeted, “I’ve been repeatedly asked to comment on the outcome of #UdaipurChintanShivir. In my view, it failed to achieve anything meaningful other than prolonging the status-quo and giving some time to the #Congress leadership, at least till the impending electoral rout in Gujarat and HP!”

The BJP’s Predicted Triumph

Kishor, known for his political acumen, has predicted a resounding victory for the BJP in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections. He suggests the party will secure around 300 seats, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi leading the charge. This assessment aligns with predictions from prominent American political scientist Ian Bremmer, who forecasts the BJP securing 305±10 seats.

Meme-Worthy Moments

The intense exchange between Kishor and Thapar has spawned a flurry of memes on social media, with users likening it to the “Dosti Bani Rahe Moment 2.0.” The viral clips have captured the public’s imagination, highlighting the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of Indian politics.

As the nation eagerly awaits the outcome of the Lok Sabha elections, Prashant Kishor’s bold challenge and the ensuing social media frenzy have added a unique twist to the political discourse. Whether his predictions prove accurate or not, one thing is certain: the “hydration debate” has captivated the nation, showcasing the intense scrutiny and debate surrounding Indian elections.


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